Witch Preview First New Album in 39 Years With ‘Avalanche of Love’

Zango also marks frontman and co-founder Emmanuel “Jagari” Chanda’s first with the group since 1976

Zambian psych-rock group Witch, who helped establish the genre known as Zamrock, are returning with their first new album in 39 years. Zango will arrive on June 2 via Desert Daze Sound. It also marks frontman and co-founder Emmanuel “Jagari” Chanda’s first LP with the group since 1976.

To accompany the announcement, they shared the new song “Avalanche of Love,” which features fellow Zambian artist Sampa the Great.

In 2012, their music was reissued, and their story was documented in the film We Intend to Cause Havoc (named after the band’s acronym) which was released in 2019 by Italian filmmaker Gio Arlotta. The band also reunited for a tour in 2017 and 2019 and performed at SXSW in 2022.

Keyboardist Patrick Mwondela spoke to Rolling Stone last year about how the documentary helped build the momentum that they’ve continued to ride. “We really wanted to put down the history of Witch because nothing was documented. The band was before the internet,” he said. “But I think what has surprised us is that it started to build momentum and people are beginning to know about the genre Zamrock. It’s been growing over the last few years and I think something is brewing, and we’re just waiting to see what the next season is gonna be like.”

Jacco Gardner, Nico Mauskoviç, Stefan Lilov, and JJ Whitefield are among the musicians who join Chanda and Mwondela on the new effort.


Zango Track List

1. “By the Time You Realize”
2. “Waile”
3. “Nshingilile”
4. “Streets of Lusaka”
5. “Unimvwesha Shuga”
6. “Avalanche of Love” featuring Sampa the Great
7. “Malango”
8. “Stop the Rot”
9. “These Eyes of Mine”
10. “Message From Witch”

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