Watch the first teaser for the new Netflix’s K-drama ‘Black Knight’

Netflix has released a teaser for its upcoming original K-drama Black Knight starring Kim Woo-bin. Watch it above.

Based on the 2017 to 2019 webtoon Delivery Knight, the sci-fi K-drama Black Knight centres around ‘5-8’ (played by Our Blues actor Kim Woo-bin), a legendary deliveryman who delivers essential supplies to citizens forced to live underground due to severe air pollution.

The new trailer introduces the series’ dystopian setting, where most of the Korean Peninsula has been covered by sand and dust, its buildings left abandoned. “Deliverymen. We deliver the oxygen and necessities to keep people alive,” ‘5-8’ sayd in a voiceover as he weathers sandstorms and powerful winds to install oxygen tanks in the underground homes of citizens.


“Deliverymen must be tough, for they must risk their lives to protect their trucks from hunters’ attacks. That is why people dream of becoming deliverymen,” he explains, as those unable to live above ground attempt to hijack his supply truck.

The series will follow ‘5-8’ as he carries out his duties, and crosses paths with Sa-wol (Kang Yoo-seok), a refugee who wishes to become a delivery driver someday. Black Knight is set to premiere globally on May 12 exclusively on Netflix.

The upcoming K-drama also stars Taxi Driver’s Esom as a military intelligence officer who saves Sa-wol’s life and Song Seung-heon of Dinner Mate fame as Ryu Seok, the sole heir to a conglomerate that controls the world through its monopoly on oxygen.

Black Knight is one of several original K-dramas Netflix will be premiering this year. Also set to arrive on the streaming platform in 2023 are monster thriller Gyeongseong Creature (starring Han So-hee and Park Seo-joon), webtoon-based Doona! (led by Bae Suzy) and season two of apocalyptic horror series Sweet Home.

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