Watch Joe Lycett shred £10,000 in protest of David Beckham’s involvement in World Cup Qatar 2022

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Joe Lycett has thrown £10,000 into a tree shredder, in protest of David Beckham’s involvement in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 – watch the footage below.

The World Cup kicks off today (November 20) despite growing criticism around the deaths of thousands of migrant workers in the creation of stadiums as well as the country’s views on homosexuality, which is illegal in Qatar.

Last week (November 13), Lycett criticised David Beckham’s role as a tournament ambassador, which has reportedly netted him £10million. In a video message, the comedian offered to donate £10,000 of his own money to queer charities if Beckham ended the sponsorship before the tournament started. If not, he promised he would shred the cash on the opening day of the tournament.


“I consider you to be a gay icon,” said Lycett in the message, which was shared on his new website BendersLikeBeckham. “You’ve signed a reported £10million deal with Qatar to be their ambassador during the FIFA World Cup. Qatar was voted as the one of the worst places in the world to be gay – homosexuality is illegal, punishable by imprisonment, and if you’re Muslim, possibly even death”

“You have always talked about the power of football as a force for good,” he added, however Beckham never responded, so earlier today Lycett shredded the £10,000. Watch the footage below.

However Lycett has received plenty of criticism himself, since revealing his plan. “Please don’t shred the money. That’s a lifeline to a small charity,” one person tweeted.

Another person wrote: “Could you include a clause that the £10k could actually go to a cause instead of being wasted? Loads available. Or maybe to Beckham’s pet hate. But not totally wasted.”


“For the love of Christ, Joe, do not ACTUALLY waste that literally life-changing amount of money for the sake of naming and shaming a celebrity footballer,” a third person added.

“Those saying the money could be donated instead are totally missing the point,” wrote one fan, following the shredding. “Can’t believe David Beckham allowed this to happen,” added another.