Watch ‘Elden Ring’ streamer Perrikaryal complete the game with mind control

Twitch streamer Perrikaryal has completed unforgiving action game Elden Ring with their mind, using brain activity to handle everything except for moving their character.

Yesterday (April 19), Perri announced that she was able to complete Elden Ring while using a brain imaging device to control all of the game’s inputs aside from movement.

As reported by Gamesradar, Perri used an Electroencephalogram (EEG) device to identify electrical activity in her brain.


Perri then mapped different spikes in brain activity to certain key bindings in Elden Ring, which allowed her to control her character by thinking hard enough about doing so — in the case of attacking, for example, Perri told Gamesradar she has to imagine “pushing something heavy forwards” to take a swing.

The below clip shows the moment that Perrikaryal landed the finishing hit on Elden Beast, the final boss fight in Elden Ring. Perri can be seen healing and casting spells throughout the fight, using her mind to control both actions until the credits roll.

Though Perri made the battle look easy, the streamer previously revealed that it took a lot of work to make happen.

“You can train the software as much as you want, but you’re not always guaranteed that you’re going to be doing the same thing,” Perri told Gamesradar. “Sometimes I absent-mindedly tap my foot, and that completely messes up the whole thing, because it adds a little ‘squiggle’ somewhere else.”


Looking ahead, Perri revealed she is planning to play “completely hands-free Mario Kart” and Super Smash Bros, along with Elden Ring‘s upcoming downloadable content Shadow Of The Erdtree.

Perri, who holds a Master’s degree in psychology, also plans to stream “a psychological isolation experiment” in the future. “Let’s push for more accessibility in gaming and neuroscientific awareness,” she added.

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