Watch Apink’s whimsical music video for new single ‘D N D’

K-pop girl group Apink have made their long awaited return with the single ‘D N D’.

‘D N D’ dropped alongside a whimsical music video, which sees the girl group – who take on various jobs, from a housekeeper to an office worker – trying to escape the boredom of life. “Just D-N-D now / Always live it like you’rе twenty-two / Better, bеtter, better move / Trust yourself for who you are,” they sing on the fun-loving song.

‘D N D’ is the lead single of Apink’s tenth mini-album ‘SELF’, which dropped at the same time as the single. It comes over a year after their last release, ‘HORN’, in February 2022. The project is notably also the group’s first release as a quintet, after the departure of Son Na-eun.


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Son left the group in April 2022, shortly after the release of their special album ‘HORN’ in February the same year. “I made this difficult decision after a lot of debate, and though it wasn’t an easy decision,” the K-pop idol said at the time.

Son’s decision to leave the group came after she left the group’s longtime agency, IST Entertainment (formerly known as Play M Entertainment) and signed with YG Entertainment. She also notably did not participate in promotional activities for ‘HORN’ due to “scheduling conflicts”.

Meanwhile, Apink members Chorong and Bomi made their debut as the sub-unit CHOBOM in July 2022 with the single album ‘Copycat’. The project also featured the B-sides ‘Oscar’ and ‘Feel Something’.

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