‘Warzone’ reveals Season 3 Gulag map and teases return of one-shot snipers

Activision Blizzard has revealed that Warzone Season 3 will mark the return of sniper rifles capable of killing players in one hit, along with a number of other new features.

In a blog post, Activision Blizzard shared an overview of changes coming in Warzone‘s “massive” Season 3, which launches tomorrow (April 12).

Warzone‘s third season is shaping up to bring major changes to the game, including Ashika Island’s Redeploy Drones — which will spawn at different locations each match and offer one of the fastest ways of crossing Al Mazrah.


Season 3 will also introduce Perk Packs, “game changers” that allow players to acquire perks outside of Loadout Drops.

However, Warzone fans who prefer long-range combat will find that one of Season 3’s most exciting changes will be the return of sniper rifles that can kill rivals in just one shot.

“Expect the return of one-shot sniper rifles — under certain attachment and platform conditions — as part of this seasonal update,” wrote Activision.

The studio added that Buy Stations dotted across Al Mazrah and Ashika Island are being moved into “safer spots” to make using them less risky.

Additionally, a new 1v1 Gulag map titled Blacksite will be introduced with Season 3.


“Blacksite is a roughly rectangular, asymmetrical map with several interior spaces and long external routes, especially on the west portion of the map, where there is a large corridor that stretches between the two spawn areas.” described Activision.

“That area in particular is great for long-distance weaponry, if you have it in your Gulag Loadout; otherwise, it’s a clear path for equipment to be thrown down at the start of a duel.”

Finally, Season 3 will bring the 150-player Massive Resurgence game mode into weekly Playlist updates; while the original Warzone‘s Plunder mode will return with “niche unique rewards” for taking part.

In other Call Of Duty news, Activision has confirmed it has started recording the “highest tiers” of ranked matches in Modern Warfare 2.

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