Warner Bros Discovery Confirmed Another Of Our Exclusive Reports

Warner Bros. Discovery has confirmed our scoop that a Conjuring spin-off TV series is coming.

By Douglas Helm
| Published

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We called it a while ago, and now our scoop has been officially confirmed — there is a series set in the Conjuring universe on the way. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that the series is coming to Max, which will be the rebranded name of HBO Max when it is merged with the Discovery+ streaming service. Producer Peter Safran will be back to executive produce and James Wan is also in talks to executive produce.

There is not much detail about the new Conjuring spin-off series outside of Safran and Wan’s involvement, but it is reported to continue the story established in the films. Perhaps this means that we could see Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga’s Ed and Lorraine Warren return after their starring roles in the first three films. Of course, there have been other spin-offs as well such as the Annabelle films, The Curse of La Llarona, and The Nun.

Presumably, the Conjuring series could pull from any of these spin-off franchises as it continues to build the universe. While it’s good to get confirmation that this series is actually happening, it’s not too terribly surprising that Warner Bros. Discovery is greenlighting it. Across the eight films of the series, the franchise has grossed over $2 billion at the global box office.


The next project we’ll see in the Conjuring franchise is the upcoming sequel to The Nun, which is scheduled for a September 8, 2023, release date. The Nun 2 will continue the story from the 2018 film with Michael Chaves behind the camera directing a script by Akela Cooper, Ian Goldberg, and Richard Naing. The film is set to star Euphoria‘s Storm Reid along with Anna Popplewell, Taissa Farmiga, Bonnie Aarons, and Katelyn Rose Downey.

As mentioned, the Conjuring franchise is highly lucrative and generally critically acclaimed. In fact, it’s the highest-grossing horror franchise in history, and it seems likely we can expect more projects in the universe in the future. We’re still waiting to hear more news about the sequel to the third film at this time.

The most recent update about The Conjuring 4 was in 2022, when a sequel to The Devil Made Me Do It was officially announced. The report said that David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick would serve as screenwriter with James Wan and Peter Safran returning as producers. Wan would later confirm that Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga would also reprise their roles in the fourth film.

It’s unclear if the confirmation of the upcoming Conjuring series at Max would affect the fourth movie’s development in any way. If Farmiga and Wilson are going to be in the fourth film, it does seem less likely that they’ll be starring in the series. Of course, it all depends on what they have planned for the story of the show.

Unfortunately, we do know that the film based on the Crooked Man character was scrapped. James Wan confirmed the news in 2022 and said the decision was not in his control. While fans would have undoubtedly loved to see that film, at least the confirmation of the Conjuring Max series can help make that pill a little easier to swallow.

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