Vincint Finds ‘Freedom’ in a Sea of Shirtless Men in Steamy ‘Romance’ Video

This is what finding love at a queer club actually looks like in Vincint’s mind. On Wednesday, the pop artist released the video for his dance-ready banger “Romance” with Rolling Stone — and it’s filled with unapologetic queer joy (and lust).

“I wanted to create the world I see in my head when I go out: A club filled with beautiful men of color freely expressing themselves and not feeling excluded from the narrative,” Vincint tells Rolling Stone. “Mixing that with my love for a good telenovela drama and a happy ending this video is the perfect beginning to this new era for me, and where I am in life right now.”

The video follows Vincint arriving at a lively gay bar as he spots a potential love interest across the room. After a shot of liquid courage, he convinces himself to walk over and introduce himself as he’s surrounded by queer men of color. The visual captures Vincint — with some Moonlight-esque lighting — imagining himself kissing his crush, before realizing he’s just daydreaming about the romance he craves.

“If I was your man, I would show you real romance,” he sings. “I knew you had a man, but he was doing you bad.”

The video splices steamy moments of realistic WeHo scenes with clips of the singer dancing on stage. He’s also seen among a sea of queer celebrities, including the likes of Olympian Gus Kenworthy, Big Mouth‘s Brandon Kyle Goodman, Queer as Folk‘s Johnny Silbilly, drag star Kerri Colby, and The Flight Attendant‘s Griffin Matthews.

The visuals catch Vincint lost in a crowd of men, before he finds the type of love he was looking for on the dance floor. What ensues is a steamy make out session.

“Though we’re lucky enough to live in a time with so many out and proud artists, I’d yet to see a music video depict the queer club experience in the way it actually happens,” director Jake Wilson tells Rolling Stone. “I wanted to bottle the feelings we each go through being in a space like that. What can be joy, insecurity, vulnerability, and unadulterated freedom all at the same time. To be able to show intimate, romantic moments amongst the sea of chaos and shirtless bodies.”


The new video is the start of a new era for Vincint’s music after releasing his debut album There Will Be Tears in 2021. Since the LP, which featured his breakout hit “Higher,” Vincint has joined Kesha, Hayley Kiyoko, and MNEK for “Taste So Good.”

“I took some time and escaped away to London to live and grow a bit,” he says. “What’s next is a taste of that life.”

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