‘Valorant’ patch 5.06 will bring “major” changes to the Pearl map

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Riot Games have released the patch notes for the latest patch to Valorant, which promises some alterations to the Pearl map, as well as some weapon updates and bug fixes.

Patch 5.06 is bringing a handful of small changes to Pearl, which was first revealed this summer. Changes have been made in order to reduce complexity and to make it easier for both attackers and defenders to move through the underwater map’s areas.

For instance, Riot Games has lowered the waist-high wall on the left side of B Main, so that it can no longer completely hide anyone, the raised platform in Mid Shops has been extended, and alterations have been made to Mid so that it no longer favours attackers while giving defenders more of an even playing field.


Additionally, A Art has been altered, as the developers noted that both attackers and defenders were having difficulties moving effectively through the area, and so it has been simplified so that there are fewer areas to check.

Riot Games has described the changes as “major”, and shared that they have been made in reaction to months’ worth of player feedback. The company added that “there are some good bones here, it just needed a quick fixer upper.”

Valorant. Credit: Riot Games.

Pearl isn’t the only thing that’s changing with this latest update. Some alterations have been made to the Stinger, which has some new primary and alt-fire changes. The gun’s primary fire error has been adjusted from 1.6 error after 7 bullets to 1.3 error after 6 bullets. Riot Games explained that their goal with the Stinger is for it to feel “controllable and appropriately lethal at short ranges,” but admitted that it can currently feel out of control, even in close quarters. By lowering the top spread, the Stinger should feel more reliable.

The Singer’s alt-fire has also been tweaked, with the first shot error adjusted from .5 to .35. The developer explained that the first shot had more variance than intended, especially at the ranges that players would use the burst-fire mode.

The update has also added a disruptive gameplay-based behaviour indicator, a feature that, at the end of game screen, will show which players have been detected for engaging in disruptive gameplay-based behaviour. This feature has been added to Unrated, Competitive, Spike Rush, and Replication queues, with more game modes to follow in the near future.


Finally, a number of bugs have also been squashed – including a bug where Clutch Mutes would persist after the match ended, and one where pending invites would not disappear after all friends have left the Party.

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