Unheard version of David Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’ to be released

An unheard version of David Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’ is set to be released alongside a series of NFTs.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of ‘Let’s Dance’, blockchain platform Gala Music has teamed up with writer and producer Larry Dvoskin (David Bowie, Robert Plant, Bono, The Beach Boys) to release a limited series of David Bowie inspired digital collectibles.

The series goes live April 14, giving fans early access to a previously-unheard version of ‘Let’s Dance’ which was recorded 19 years after the original and produced by Dvoskin.


“I am first and foremost a huge Bowie fan. It would have been a mistake to attempt to copy the original. This is something different. David simply imagined a more dreamy, electronic version. He is the original disruptor of expectations,” he said.

Fans will also have the opportunity to purchase “bespoke pieces of Bowie-inspired art” with all initial proceeds going to MusiCares.

“When I first talked with the executor of the Bowie Estate, he told me he initially planned to listen to my pitch about releasing this as an NFT and then politely pass,” said Dvoskin.

“But when he pulled up the original 2002 email in which Bowie expressed his enthusiasm for doing the recording, that changed his mind. This was a creative endeavor David never got to see released during his lifetime. We are honoring his wish by releasing it now,” he continued.

The NFTs will be available to purchase via Gala.


Last year, a new David Bowie digital art project approved by the late artist’s estate launched.

Earlier this month, Bowie‘s former manager Tony Defries said that the late icon planned to bring back Ziggy Stardust for a comeback tour.

It comes after video games designer Phil Campbell claimed Bowie wanted to relaunch Ziggy Stardust in space.

It’s also been confirmed that The V&A’s ‘David Bowie Is…’ exhibition is set to be made into a permanent UK attraction, celebrating his legacy.

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