Trailer for ultra-realistic bodycam shooter ‘Unrecord’ sparks ethics debate

Unrecord, a photorealistic shooter told through the perspective of a police officer’s body camera, has launched a new trailer — and although many fans have praised the game’s graphics, others have questioned the ethics of Unrecord‘s portrayal of police.

A new gameplay trailer for Unrecord was released yesterday (April 19) and showcases the first-person shooter (FPS) in action, with a player chasing down suspects and engaging in shootouts.

However, the game’s photorealistic visuals have proven the biggest draw for many fans.


“This is the only game I’ve ever seen that actually confuses my brain into thinking it’s real,” reads one YouTube comment, while another said they “refuse to believe that this is in-game”.

“Half way through, I forgot this was a game trailer,” added another fan. “It looks so real.”

Unrecord has been met with a similar reception on Twitter. The same trailer posted by the game’s co-director, Alexandre Spindler, has racked up almost 39million views and 147,000 likes at time of writing — with plenty of praise heaped on the game’s “too real” graphics.

However, some viewers have raised questions about the game’s portrayal of law enforcement and the ethical implications of Unrecord‘s realism.

“Very cool, but deeply uncomfortable setting and vibe,” wrote David Goldfarb, the director behind Metal: Hellsinger and Payday 2. “Let me be very clear; there is a place for games that make you uncomfortable. Nowhere did I say this game should not exist. Will I want to play it? Dunno. Maybe? Depends what it is.”


Meanwhile, journalist Kane Webb claimed there was “so much potential for abuse and horrible videos” with the game’s realism; while other users questioned whether the game is broaching sensitive subject matter — the effect of bodycam footage on police brutality remains contested.

It remains unclear how Unrecord will actually portray police officers. On the game’s Steam page, Drama has promised “complex dialogues” and “tough moral dilemmas,” all explored through a “detective novel” storyline.

A release date for Unrecord is yet to be announced.

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