This New Xbox Controller Is Made Of Recovered Plastics Like Old CDs And Plastic Jugs

Microsoft has announced a new Xbox controller design, and this one is unlike anything the company has created before. Ahead of Earth Day later this month, Microsoft has revealed an Xbox controller made of recovered plastics called the Remix Special Edition controller.

The controller is made up of Xbox One first-generation controller parts that have been ground up into a raw material and then used, in part, to create a new controller. Also mixed in are “post-consumer recycled resins,” Microsoft said in a news release.

Say hello to the Remix Special Edition Xbox controller
Say hello to the Remix Special Edition Xbox controller

These include reclaimed materials from car headlight covers, plastic water jugs, and CDs. The controller sports Earth tones for its color scheme, inspired in part by the green lichen found in the Pacific Northwest of the US where Microsoft has its headquarters.

The texture patterns on the bumpers, triggers, and side grip areas are a nod to “the Earth’s dynamic landscape,” Microsoft said.

“Xbox is exploring ways to use less new plastic and reduce waste. Our goal is to bring fans along with us on our journey towards greater sustainability across the Xbox product portfolio,” Microsoft said.

The Remix Special Edition controller comes with a rechargeable battery pack so people don’t need to cycle through disposable batteries. It costs $85 and is up for preorder now ahead of its release on April 18 at retailers globally.

In February this year, Xbox became the first “carbon aware” console by way of an update that made every Xbox console default to the energy-saving option. Microsoft said for every two Xbox consoles that switch to the energy-saving mode for one year, this will save “the equivalent of carbon removed by one tree planted and grown for a decade.”

In other Xbox news, Microsoft has announced more Xbox Game Pass titles.

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