‘The Reunion’ Star Ioan Gruffudd, Director Bill Eagles, Producer Sydney Gallonde on Remaining Faithful to Guillaume Musso’s Novel

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The activity in upcoming secret thriller “The Réunion,” starring “Harrów’s” loan Gruffudd , centers around three character types in two time-zones, 25 decades apart, however the personalities and feelings from the character types are usually constant, weekend the display’s Uk movie director Costs Eagles described on the Monte-Carlo Tv Celebration.

The English-language present, made by Sydney Gallonde at MAKE IT WORK Studio room and co-producéd by MGM lntl. Television Productions and broadcaster France Televisions, is dependant on Guillaume Musso ’s bestselling book “La Jeune fille et la nuit.”


The storyplot starts in today’s, in a reunion at a global school within the south of Francé where three previous friends reconnect. They increased and dropped contact apart, however they remain bound by way of a tragic magic formula linked with the disappearance of the fellow pupil 25 years back.

Although Eagles recognized that getting the exact same character types in two time-zones introduced challenges, the main element to overcoming them place in the book. “Guillaume Musso lay out his character types so properly at age group 18, and recognized their evolution over an interval of 25 decades, that the outlines the character types were delivering inside our existing totally chimed along with the evolution from the character types from where we’d noticed them as youthful character types.”

He included: “Basically, if we have confidence in the youthful cast, we have confidence in the outcomes of their activities, murderous actions, activities of betrayal, of obsessive like, of denial, and we inform these old character types with exactly the same concepts after that, and appearance at how those emotions and those feelings have got festered over 25 decades. When we jointly provide these character types, we look for a overall perception in and synthesis between your youthful as well as the older.”

Within a movie presentation shown on the celebration, Musso described that his period working being a instructor at a global school within the South of France had been “the cause” for creating the book. “The Reunion” may be the very first TV series version of some of his 19 books. He mentioned he managed to get a condition from the adaptation it end up being shot in your community where he invested his youngsters. He described that the prior requests had usually been designed for “the incorrect factors” – because his books were best-sellers, also it really was for artistic reasons “rarely.”

Alternatively, Gallonde – who he’s got known for a lot more than a decade – “provides always produce projects which were to begin with because he study my textbooks, because he liked my books,” Musso mentioned, “and because he previously an artistic eyesight behind it, ánd it’s very natural which i said ‘Yes’ to the task.”

Gallonde described how he caused the writer on the present. “Guillaume Musso will be involved in each and every second of the task … but through me, as the factor is, I produced him a guarantee: I informed him, I will protect your DNA, and you will be included 100% merely to deliver a thing that you’ll be pleased with.”

Eagles mentioned that certain crucial towards the achievement from the books had been that the complete tales had been persuading. “With Guillaume’s creating you genuinely believe in all of the changes and twists, and you think that specific facts or tale elements have already been concealed since it originated from the character’s difficulties; it didn’t result from the necessity from the story,” he mentioned.

Gruffudd mentioned that he sensed a particular obligation to Musso to obtain his personality, Thomas, correct as Thomas is really a writer. “It really is as though Guillaume will be representing himself in Thomas nearly,” he mentioned. “You can find areas of Guillaume that’s Thomas in the book certainly. When you’re répresenting the novelist ánd enjoying a novelist, you understand, you intend to attempt to adhere to the tiny subtleties that he’s composed in his books.”

Gruffudd compensated tribute to United kingdom article writer Marston Bloom furthermore, who adapted Musso’s book, alongside Gallonde. Gallonde included that before Bloom began his version, he and Musso fulfilled, “to be certain the French component will be within the present, which the present shall match the worldwide viewers, ” as well as the general character of the complete tale.

Eagles recognized that while there could be something very conventional in regards to a murder secret thriller, “the complexity from the mindset that [Musso] enables his character types to inhabit within the novel helps it be a very modern item.”

He extended on this stage: “We’ve the mindset of denial, of obsessive like, of unacceptable obsessive like, of betrayal. And of individuals attempting to help make amends because of their crime then. So, 25 decades later, Fanny has turned into a physician, and Max has turned into a politician attempting to perform good. It’s fascinating, the type of Thomas, he’s turn into a writer. He’s discovering storytelling and illusion nevertheless, and inside a genuine method his personality may be the most inside denial.

“That’s a remarkable sort of delineation from the 3 various character types actually. And because Thomas is indeed in denial – bécause he hásn’t actually decided to spend amends and discover some type of redemptive trip – that’s area of the reason he upsets everything, stirs in the pond with all the current dirt as well as the muck and créates the chaos thát ensues.”

Gallonde underscored the significance from the global dimension from the novel as well as the collection, which in addition to having a United kingdom director and article writer has gathered jointly actors from several countries, like Wales’ Gruffudd, Ukrainé’s Ivanna Sakhnó, Iceland’s SaIóme Gunnársdóttir, and France’s Vahina Grégory and Giocante Fitoussi.

Gallonde mentioned: “Six years back, my English had been non-existent. Six years back, I’d have got imagined signing up for up with each one of these individuals never ever. Six years back, I’d have got dreamed getting MGM involved with a French creation never ever, predicated on a French IP. Therefore for me personally, the international area of the book was important.”