The New York Times Debuts Digits, The Math Version Of Wordle

The New York Times Debuts Digits, The Math Version Of Wordle

The New York Times has added a new daily puzzle game to its library in the form of Digits. This collection of math conundrums tasks you with reaching a designated number by using six numbers that you’re free to multiply, divide, subtract, or add up to reach the final result, so long as your process doesn’t create any fractions or negative numbers.

Currently in beta and only available for this week, there’ll be five of these math puzzles to solve every day. These aren’t one-and-done puzzles like Wordle, and depending on the path you choose to solve one of these math mysteries, you’ll be awarded 1-3 star ratings. If you’re interested, you can try out Digits through this link.

If Digits proves to be popular with its readers, the New York Times will then start work on the further development of the game.

“While the beta version of the game is being tested, any bugs that are found are watched carefully by the team, but only the most urgent–those that may interfere with gameplay or scoring–are fixed at this point. Diving in to fix everything can interfere with the responses to the beta test,” the New York Times explained.

NYT added that it was aiming to produce puzzles that are “thoughtfully made” and “thoughtfully played,” leaving players with a sense of satisfaction and a feeling of “time well spent” for taking on these cerebral challenges.

Wordle was a big hit when it first arrived as a free-to-play game a few years ago, and shortly after it became the talk of the office water-cooler, creator Josh Wardle sold it to NYT. Since then, there have been a lot of new games inspired by Wordle, including Spotify’s Heardle, the challenging Quordle, and the cinematic visual memory game Framed.

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