The Matrix 5: All About The Next Installment

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Matrix 5 has no official release date and has not been formally greenlit by the studio;

By James Brizuela
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The Matrix 4 surprised audiences. No one expected Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss to return for a sequel so many years after the original trilogy. Now that Resurrections (The Matrix 4) is finally available for audiences, everyone wants to know what may happen with The Matrix 5 and with this franchise in general.


As of September 2022, there is no official word from Warner Bros on The Matrix 5. However, the end of the fourth movie set up more to come, so fan expectations are high.

We’ve seen from the Matrix franchise that there are never really any definitive endings. With the simulation seemingly always running, and the machines more than able to “adapt” to anomalies like Neo (and now Trinity), there would seemingly always be avenues for new stories here.

And the way Matrix Resurrections ended could open up a world in which there is considerably more overlap (ie power) when it comes to the humans and machines. There could also just be another story with a time jump if necessary. We’ve seen the franchise deal with this in the past.


To look ahead at The Matrix 5, it’s important to first look at the latest installment. The trailer for The Matrix 4: Resurrections helps give a lot of insight for what could happen next.

The focal point of the new story shifted its focus back to Neo, but with some interesting developments attached to how and why Neo had been once again trapped back in The Matrix and where this might lead The Matrix 5.

Though the obvious answer should be that Neo survived the entire ordeal when he should have perished in The Matrix: Revolutions, it’s not that simple. Neo did survive, but at the behest of the machine world who put him back together.

Oddly enough, Trinity was part of this grand scheme of things as well, which fans will remember that she also was killed in the pair’s trip to the machine world. But why would both of them be spared and revived? Resurrected, if you will. This reveal could lead to details about where The Matrix 5 will go.

The initial trailers released for The Matrix: Resurrections revealed what fans had likely theorized, simply by the narration that we got from the new version of Morpheus. Neo, Trinity, and the lot were caught in a sort of loop that The Matrix had created. Forever doomed to repeat their lives over and over again. But why? Well, the connection to the original films holds the secret. Neo aka Thomas Anderson was caught in a prison that he knew was fake but could not escape. The Matrix kept him confused. Now, Neo will have new aims in The Matrix 5.


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Neo had to once again be set free, which concerns the majority of the beginning of the new film. Newcomer Bugs finds backdoors and hidden rooms in the coding of The Matrix and stumbles upon one that finally leads her to Morpheus and Neo. The all-too-familiar plot is set in motion again. The objective? Rescue Neo.

Once that is achieved, then the real goal can be expanded upon to include saving Trinity as well. Upon Neo being saved, we see that the human fields from the original film are changed and two isolated pods have been saved for both Neo and Trinity. This is where the plot begins to hint at what story The Matrix 5 might concern.

Neo, Morpheus, Bugs, and oddly enough, the new Agent Smith band together to stop a sort of twisted version of The Architect. This time, he goes by The Analyst and is expertly played by Neil Patrick Harris. This Analyst is the core villain in the new film, and he has successfully kept Neo’s “The One” powers silenced by keeping Thomas Anderson stuck on a healthy dosage of blue pills, which keep him forever tied to The Matrix.

Neo’s memories have all been turned into a video game (clever) and that is why he keeps imagining scenes from the original trilogy (also clever). Through the hilarious usage of “bullet time” The Analyst keeps Neo slowed down enough so he cannot do damage, and it is revealed that Trinity and Neo cannot join together again.

They, together, make The One. A sort of yin and yang principle has been added. Heavy details that likely lead to the central conflict for The Matrix 5.

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As you may have guessed, Neo and Trinity finally join forces once again, with the help of an ally, Agent Smith. Smith has his own minor part to play in the grand scheme of things. Smith cannot operate in The Matrix as he normally does, with The Analyst also keeping him muted and unnecessary.

The big fight happens and finally, Neo and Trinity are “one.” They fly away together, but with Trinity taking the reigns this time. The ending of the film sees The Analyst be reprimanded and beaten up quite soundly by Trinity, while Neo watches on. The pair fly away together speaking of another “war.” And there you have it, the setup for a potential The Matrix 5.


Now that the plot has been loosely delved into and explained, what could happen in The Matrix 5? Reading from above, Neo and Trinity will need to return in the next film for any of this to make sense, but will Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss be on board?

Plenty of interviews have shown Reeves to state he would return if the story made sense. Clearly, the new installment made enough sense for him to return, and he died in the end of movie number three, so the next could do the same trick. However, it’s worth noting that the clever way in which Morpheus and Agent Smith are explained is that anyone in The Matrix could be them, meaning other actors could take on their parts.

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That note aside, bringing back Lawrence Fishburne would be a treat for all concerned. It could even make sense for the new Young Morpheus to meet the original. Whether Fishburne returns or not, it sounds as if the core members of the original trilogy will be a mainstay for the next series of films.


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With the end of the Resurrections, it seems most likely that The Matrix 5 will happen. However, the film doesn’t have a release date yet. Keanu Reeves is a high-profile actor with a busy schedule, which may affect when they dive into the next one. We will update this page when a release date is announced. Speculation puts the release likely in 2024, though 2023 can’t be ruled out.

There have not been plans, nor word on if filmmaker Lana Wachowski will want to return to the franchise, but the open end of The Matrix 4: Resurrections leads to the idea that we will all see Neo and Trinity once again in The Matrix 5.

Lily Wachowski had stepped away from the public eye and had not joined her sister in writing the newest film, though she told the press that Lana was completely responsible for the newest foray into The Matrix. Maybe Lana might convince her sister of the potential to blow all of our minds once again.

Look for The Matrix 5 to come out in the near future, somewhere in the range of 2023/2024. That could be plenty of time for the pair to reunite and join their efforts to create one more trilogy that can make us all question our realities.