‘The Mandalorian’ fans baffled by Jack Black and Lizzo cameos: “What is happening to ‘Star Wars’?”

The Mandalorian fans have been left baffled by the cameos of Jack Black and Lizzo in the latest episode of the Star Wars spin-off series.

Released on Disney+ on Wednesday (April 5), the episode ‘Chapter 22: Guns for Hire’ saw the pair star as an eccentric couple.

The pop singer and School Of Rock star appeared as The Duchess and Captain Bombardier respectively, two characters that Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal), Grogu and Bo-Katan (Katee Sackhoff) encounter on their travels.


The episode also featured Back To The Future star Christopher Lloyd, who played Commissioner Helgait.

However, it was Black and Lizzo’s involvement that drew the biggest reaction from Star Wars fans, with many highlighting silliness of their scenes together.

“What are Jack Black and Lizzo doing here?” tweeted one person alongside a skull emoji. While another wrote: “What is The Mandalorian even about anymore?”

Referring to a scene in which Lizzo’s character awards Grogu with a knighthood, another person tweeted: “Lizzo just knighted Baby Yoda aka Grogu. What is happening in Star Wars?”

Someone else commented: “Wtf Jack Black, Lizzo, and Christopher Lloyd guest starring in The Mandalorian? This is very bizarre,” while another added: ““‘Guns for Hire’ is the craziest TV episode ever made.”


You can find more reactions below.

Fans also mocked a scene in which Grogu used the Force to help The Duchess win a game, which involved her bowling a beetle through several holographic rings.

“Remember when Disney used to be a sign of quality? Now it’s just a sign of cheap CGI and horrible visual effects,” wrote one person. Another commented: “I think I hate Pop Culture.”

The Mandalorian has two chapters left to air in its third season; the seventh episode will begin streaming on Wednesday April 12, with the eighth and final instalment landing exactly a week later (April 19).

Meanwhile, Donald Glover revealed earlier this week that he’s “in talks” to reprise his Star Wars role as Lando Calrissian. He first starred as the fan-favourite character in 2018’s Solo film, and in December of 2020, Lucasfilm announced that a standalone Lando series was in development for streaming.

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