‘The Mageseeker’ fans are just glad they aren’t playing ‘League Of Legends’

The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story launched earlier this week, and fans of the Riot-published title have praised the game for merely letting them play a League Of Legends champion without actually playing the multiplayer game.

Since launching on Tuesday (April 18), The Mageseeker has been met with ‘Very Positive’ player-submitted reviews on Steam, while SteamDB has noted the spin-off – which stars League Of Legends champion Sylas as the protagonist – has been trending on the storefront for several days.

While player-submitted reviews have touched on plenty of the game’s strengths, many fans have praised something they see as the game’s biggest draw: it isn’t League Of Legends.


While The Mageseeker is purely a single-player title, League Of Legends is a highly-competitive multiplayer game — and like many games in that field, can be frustrating to play at times.

“One of the big problems with League of Legends is that you have to play it with League Of Legends players,” reads one review. “This game is great because so far I haven’t had to interact with a League Of Legends player in any way.”

“As a Sylas main this game lets me play Sylas without having to play League and that alone is pretty amazing,” added another, with hundreds of readers labelling the review as “helpful”.

“More fun than playing Sylas in League, and there’s no inting Yasuo. Good game,” shared this positive review, while another said: “It’s not League Of Legends and you can pet the dog in the rebel base. 10/10 game just for that alone.”

Beyond offering a break from the competitiveness of League Of Legends, The Mageseeker has garnered over 500 positive reviews that touch on everything from the way it manages to flesh out League‘s universe and lore, to the ability to pet an in-game dog — check the reviews out here.


While Mageseeker is the latest spin-off from Riot Forge, it won’t be the last. A number of titles are planned under the League Of Legends Story umbrella, including titles following League characters Ekko, Nunu and Willump.

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