The Linda Lindas Return Recharged and Enlightened on ‘Too Many Things’

The Linda Lindas have arrived at, or for one member are rapidly approaching, the age where every new teenage development feels like the most important moment of their lives. Last year, the four-piece new wave band — made up of Bela Salazar, 18; Eloise Wong, 15; Lucia de la Garza, 16; and Mila de la Garza, 12 — released and toured their debut album Growing Up. Now, they’re a few weeks away from hitting the stage at Coachella. On their latest single “Too Many Things,” the Linda Lindas take stock of their rapidly changing world.

“We had a nonstop, jam-packed, and awesome 2022 playing shows, going on tours, and meeting fans and making friends across the U.S. as well as Spain, Germany, England, Japan, Canada, and Mexico,” the Linda Lindas shared in a statement. “After taking a short break to catch our breath, recharge, focus on school, and go back into the studio, we are ready to share a song about how everything unfolds so fast all the time — the surprises, the disappointments, and the opportunities that pass us by at every moment. In the midst of all this, we hope you have space for “Too Many Things” and are ready for more music, shows, and announcements coming soon!”

On “Too Many Things,” the band wonders: “What would happen if we all stayed the same?” A moment later, they arrive at a telling realization: “Now I’ve changed, but everything feels out of place.” The Linda Lindas capture the daunting unknowns of the coming-of-age experience in tandem with the anxiety of being a young person in 2023.


Similar sentiments covered Growing Up, including the album’s title track and its standout “Racist, Sexist Boy,” which the Linda Lindas famously performed in a library. “I felt like I was supposed to be doing something during the pandemic,” de la Garza told Rolling Stone Australia last year. “I was supposed to be, like, figuring out who I was, because I know this is an age where you’re supposed to grow up and you’re supposed to know what you want to do with your life.”

Between Growing Up and “Too Many Things,” the Linda Lindas are embracing the push and pull between what they can control and what remains out of their hands. They can’t stay the same, so the only way out is through.

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