‘The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom’ reveals Ganondorf in final trailer

Nintendo has released its third and final trailer for The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom, revealing a first look at Ganondorf and a number of new features.

The trailer was published today (April 13), and teases more of the game’s story — which appears to revolve around the resurrection of series villain Ganondorf.

While Ganondorf’s corpse and voice appeared in prior teasers, this is the first trailer that showcases the Demon King in action.


“Do not look away — you witness a king’s revival, and the birth of his new world,” says Ganondorf, who appears to have recovered his original form after losing it prior to the last Zelda game, 2017’s Breath Of The Wild.

You can watch the new Tears Of The Kingdom trailer below:

As previous trailers have demonstrated, the land of Hyrule from Breath Of The Wild has been greatly changed in the sequel. Aside from the floating islands previously seen, the latest look at Tears Of The Kingdom reveals the addition of large underground areas.

However, the trailer also confirmed that Link will not be alone in exploring Hyrule, and will be joined by the allies he met in the previous game. These heroes appear to join Link in fights, while the trailer also showcases Hyrule’s human residents working together to fight monsters.

Elsewhere, the trailer also teased a number of new additions — including the ability to ride and pull wagons, along with a bigger role for Princess Zelda to play in the story. Several bosses, including an unnamed monster and long-time series villain Gleeok, also made an appearance.


There’s not long left to wait until Tears Of The Kingdom launches, as it’s scheduled to release on May 12 for the Nintendo Switch.

Last month, Nintendo shared a 12-minute demonstration that showcased Link’s new abilities being used in Tears Of The Kingdom‘s floating areas.

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