The ‘Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ cast are releasing their own whiskey in the UK

Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day, stars of the hit sitcom Always Sunny In Philadelphia, are bringing their Four Walls whiskey to the UK.

Previously unavailable in this country, Four Walls is a tribute to the Irish pub that its creators own in the show – named after the ‘four walls’ of the bar. The sold-out limited release was originally part of a plan to raise money for the struggling bartending community during the COVID-19 pandemic, but has since been released more widely.

According to a press release, there are two Four Walls products available, comprising “a rare Irish Whiskey… for serious whiskey collectors” and a blended Irish and Straight Pennsylvania Rye offering “crafted with bartenders in mind and made to celebrate with fans”, both available from today (April 11).

Always Sunny
Four Walls whiskey hits the UK today (April 11). CREDIT: Masters Of Malt

“Having played Irish American pub owners and bartenders for 18 years, we felt an urge to do something to honour that,” Howerton, who plays Dennis Reynolds in the show, told NME. “Our goal is to give bartenders one bottle they can grab for any occasion. One they can personally vouch for. One that we as whiskey drinkers ourselves vouch for. Four Walls, one bottle. Hey, another slogan!!”

He added: “Historically, bars have been institutions where people gathered and created great art and cultural movements. But beyond the big stuff, they’re also the places where everyday wins are celebrated and where people go when they need to feel connected to others.”

Asked how Four Walls should best be enjoyed, Howerton said: “I don’t know about you, but I don’t tell people how to drink their drinks. One person may drink out of a champagne flute, another may prefer drinking out of a shoe… the material of the shoe will affect the taste, so if I had to recommend something I’d say the coolest way to drink Four Walls is out of a hollowed-out rhino horn. But that’s, of course, only if the rhino was deceased already due to natural causes (don’t come at me PETA).”

Always Sunny… wrapped filming on its sixteenth season last month and is expected to air the new episodes later this year. The whole gang, including Danny DeVito and Kaitlin Olsen, have been confirmed to reprise their roles, with McElhenney announcing production was underway on his official Instagram account in January.

“It’s gonna be fucking great,” Howerton told NME, “and I think it’s coming this summer, but I don’t know 😉 That’s above my pay grade. Which is saying something.”


You can buy Four Walls whiskey in the UK here, available exclusively via drinks retailer Master Of Malt.

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