‘Team Fortress 2’ patch tackles bots and bugs after “#SaveTF2” campaign

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An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released, addressing several long-standing issues with bots and cheating exploits that were highlighted during the community’s recent #SaveTF2 campaign.

The latest Team Fortress 2 patch was released yesterday (June 21) and although it doesn’t bring any new content, it does deliver fixes for several major issues fans identified during the recent #SaveTF2 campaign.

This includes an exploit that was allowing bot accounts to change their username to mirror other players on a server, and a second issue that was letting players use sv_cheats “on secure servers”.


The voting feature has also been updated, and will now allow both teams in a match to have a kick vote at the same time. The patch notes also say it has “fixed %killername% and other placeholder names sometimes showing up on the kill cam and stats screen,” which is a bug that has been present in the shooter for years.

Other fixes include a bug that let players repeatedly spam noises with the Ap-Sap, and servers will now be able to give players a reason for why they have been disconnected.

Team Fortress 2. Credit: Valve

You can read the full Team Fortress 2 patch notes here.

So far, reception to the latest Team Fortress 2 update has been very positive on the shooter’s reddit hub.

“Wow, actual useful fixes. The vote kick one is what got me excited. Been waiting for it ever since this bot mess started,” said one player, while another commented “I don’t want to be that guy but could we possibly be witnessing the start of… something? Hopefully.”


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