Sylvester Stallone Has A New Series And We Can’t Believe It’s Real

Sylvester Stallone will star in a Paramount+ reality show titled The Family Stone.

By Kevin C. Neece
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Sylvester Stallone and his family have a new reality series, The Family Stallone, which premieres May 17th on Paramount+. Taking its cues from other celebrity family reality offerings like those from Kim Kardashian and her clan, the series follows the most famous Stallone, his wife Jennifer, and their three alliteratively named daughters, Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet, in their totally normal, hashtag-relatable lives. This includes auditions, dinners with celebrities, podcast hosting, and a decent amount of wine.

There’s also Sylvester Stallone brushing a cat, which seems to be a standout moment. The glamourous hijinks are standard fare, but the emphatic insistence that the Stallone ladies, in their twenties, are at their peak physically rings a little off when their mom looks like their sister and their dad, at 76, still looks great and has championed lifelong physical vitality for decades. Then again, the daughters are in their twenties, so perhaps that’s understandable.

In true Sylvester Stallone style, though, the series isn’t all fluff and frivolity, with the eldest Stallone passing on advice, encouragement, and wisdom to his offspring. There is plenty of love on display, with group hugs, playful silliness, and gentle ribbing of the young ladies’ iconic dad. Whatever the context, it’s good to see a tightly knit family spending time together, even if they also happen to lead incredibly rarified lives.

Of course, when your husband or dad is Sylvester Stallone, hanging out with Al Pacino and riding horses are not unusual activities. There is also a pretty cool moment when the star and his family ascend the legendary steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art as the gathering crowd chants, “Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!” Eagle-eyed fans will also notice another reference as Stallone recites one of the most famous lines from Rocky Balboa while standing on the same street where the scene containing it was originally filmed.

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Of course, Sylvester Stallone’s arguably most famous character has had his presence felt well into recent years with the Creed films, though he does not appear in the latest installment of the spinoff series. Still, his performance in Creed II alongside star Michael B. Jordan was nominated for an Oscar in 2015. That film series is going strong, with Creed III doing well enough at the worldwide box office to lead Jordan to confirm a fourth installment to come, meaning Rocky’s legacy will continue to live on.

Sylvester Stallone’s personal legacy seems to be the focus of The Family Stallone, as his daughters discuss the weight of their famous name, living up to a famous legacy while attempting to forge their own separate lives. And sure, those lives are larger, prettier, and better funded than most of ours will be and the level of celebrity they experience may seem ridiculously outside most of our experiences, but we suppose the appeal of lives that are more privileged and glamourous than our own will never fade.

However star-studded their existence and perfect their appearances, the Stallone family is comprised of human beings who we hope remain grounded and connected with one another and not just caught up in a flashy life of fame.

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