Sydney Sweeney Is Scared In Reality First Look

By Jonathan Klotz
| Published

sydney sweeney

Given Sydney Sweeney’s recent social media posts, it’d be understandable to forget that she’s not actually a full-time model or swimsuit designer; she’s an actress. The Euphoria star has now shared the first retailer for Reality, her upcoming film, and a reminder to everyone that she can act. Based on a true story and filmed in an intense minimalist style, the first trailer makes it seem like she may be up for quite a few awards later this year.

Sydney Sweeney stars as Reality Winner in the adaptation of director Tina Satter’s play Is This A Room. The film focuses on the interrogation of Winner on June 3, 2017, following the leak of an NSA report on Russian interference in the 2016 election. Satter stayed so true to the text of the interrogation that it’s recited verbatim, a twist that required unique preparation on the part of Sweeney.

Most of the film is focused directly on Sydney Sweeney’s face and words, which meant she studied Reality Winner in extensive detail to nail her voice’s unique cadence and rhythm. Since Winner is also a yoga instructor, Sweeney took that up and bulked up for the role of personifying the Air Force and NSA officer. Even though the real Winner was under house arrest during production, she still helped coordinate with the wardrobe department to keep everything as close to the real situation as possible.

Critics that have already seen Reality have granted the film a rare honor, a 100 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Only nine critics have left reviews yet, and the film won’t have a wide release until May 29. Even with those caveats, the initial reaction is that Sydney Sweeney might have another breakout with her role, following the one she already had in Euphoria before Madame Web makes her a household name.

Sydney Sweeney will star in Sony’s latest Spider-Man adjacent film as Julia Carpenter, the second Spider-Woman in the comics, and eventually the second Madame Web. Dakota Johnson plays the oracle, but beyond that, the rest of the characters and the plot are being kept under wraps. We know Emma Roberts and Adam Scott are in the cast, rumored to be Mary and Ben Parker, respectively, while Celeste O’Conner and Isabelle Merced are two of the Spider-Girls from the comic (Mattie Franklin and Anya Corazon).

No matter what the film is about or who else in the cast is playing, Sydney Sweeney will be the film’s breakout star. Reality is out May 29, and Madame Web won’t be in theaters until February 16, 2024. Sweeney’s other major role, as Cassie Howard on Euphoria, also won’t be seen again until 2024 since the upcoming third season has yet to enter production.

In the meantime, fans can look forward to Sydney Sweeney getting her name called out onstage at the Emmys when it’s time to honor her performance in Reality.

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