Suga says TXT remind him of BTS’ early days

South Korean musician Suga has touched on how watching labelmates TXT reminded him of BTS‘ early days.

Yeonjun and Taehyun of TXT recently made an appearance on the latest episode of Suga’s online talk show Suchwita, where the K-pop idols talked about their first impressions of each other.

“My first impression of TXT was… When the company was in Samseong-dong, you guys had just debuted and you were so exhausted,” Suga said.


“You’d be napping while you were on standby and that made me feel so bad,” Suga added, saying that it was “like looking at [BTS] when we were young”.

Yeonjun responded by noting the tough road BTS initially took before achieving success, saying: “I think you guys had it much harder than we ever did. We heard so much about it.”

Taehyun added that TXT have been “able to work in a better environment thanks to you”.

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Later, the TXT members revealed their first impressions of Suga, with Yeonjun saying that during their initial meeting, he thought the BTS member might have been “in a bad mood”.

“But later, I warmed up to you, because one time you bought us fried chicken,” he added. “You dropped in and asked, ‘Do you guys like fried chicken?’ And the gave us some. That was when my heart fluttered a little.”


Suga is set to release his debut studio album ‘D-Day’ on April 21. On the same day, the musician will also unveil the documentary film Suga: Road to D-Day on Disney+ and Weverse.

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