Suga Prepares For ‘D-Day’ on Solo Single ‘People Pt. 2’

Suga is ready to unleash his debut, non-mixtape solo record D-Day. Ahead of the record, the BTS member has shared the new single “People Pt. 2” as a preview of what’s to come on the full-length album, set for release on April 21.

“People Pt. 2,” which finds Suga performing under the pseudonym Agust D, features an appearance from singer and songwriter IU. The pair previously worked together back in 2020 when Suga produced and featured on IU’s single “Eight.”

“So far away, you’re gone/Getting far away,” sings Suga on the new track. “Too far away, you’re gone. I know I have to know.” The video released alongside “People Pt. 2” mixes clips of Suga wandering his home alone with footage of him in the studio.

“The process is really different for every song,” Suga told Rolling Stone in 2021, explaining his approach to collaboration both in BTS and on his own. “Sometimes it may be a word that pops up and I build on that word, or someone could make a request for a certain way they would like a song to be developed. Oftentimes, we decide on a theme and then we sort of freely work from the larger overarching theme that we may have. But generally, when I work on a song, I create the beat first and then the melody and the rap and then finally the lyrics. That’s generally how I build them.”


Suga released a debut self-titled mixtape as Agust D in 2016, then followed that project up in 2020 with another mixtape, D-2. More recently, he’s completed production work for other artists, including Psy, the Japanese singer Ømi, and his BTS bandmate Jung Kook. Later this month, a few days after D-Day arrives, Suga will embark on an expansive tour that marks him as the first BTS member to tour on his own.

“This is my first time walking down this road,” the singer explained in the trailer for this forthcoming documentary, arriving to Disney+ on his album release day. “I’m really excited right now.” He adds, “Whenever a concert ends, and I go in [and say] ‘Ah, I’m tired.’ No, like, it’s my first time doing this in my life! Even in Korea I’ve never done this before.”

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