Suga on life as a K-pop idol: “I’ve never slept more than three hours”

South Korean musician Suga, also a member of boyband BTS, has opened up about his life as a K-pop idol.

Suga and his BTS bandmate Jimin recently appeared on the YouTube channel Ddeun Ddeun, founded by television personality Yoo Jae-suk of Running Man and Sixth Sense fame. During their appearance on the channel, Yoo probed the duo about their sleeping habits.

Suga responded by saying that he tends to “sleep intermittently”. He added: “I think maybe I’m the only one here who got used to [the] schedules of idol singers.”


“Everyone’s so busy and waits long. We sometimes lie down on a mat. And suffer from jet lag when we go abroad,” he continued. “I’ve never slept more than three hours for five to six years. I [wake up] after I sleep [for] two hours. But I don’t feel tired because I got used to this.”

During Suga’s explanation, Jimin started cracking up at what his bandmate was saying, prompting Yoo to ask why he was laughing. “It’s because I sleep well,” Jimin said.

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Suga’s appearance on the Ddeun Ddeun YouTube channel comes just weeks ahead of the release of his debut studio album ‘D-Day’, which drops on April 21. On the same day, the musician will also release the documentary film Suga: Road to D-Day on Disney+.

Meanwhile, Jimin recently became the first South Korean solo artist to top the Billboard Hot 100, with his single ‘Like Crazy’. The song is a cut from his debut solo album ‘FACE’, which also included the single ‘Set Me Free Pt.2’.

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