Steve-O shares ‘Jackass’ stunt he “wouldn’t get away with now”

Steve-O shares ‘Jackass’ stunt he “wouldn’t get away with now”

Jackass star Steve-O has reflected on his first ever stunt for the series.

The TV personality and stunt performer shared a clip of the stunt from August 2000 on his Instagram, where he swallows a live goldfish.

In the clip, where he’s joined by Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O then puts his fingers down his throat and vomits up the goldfish, who is seen alive and well swimming around the bowl.


“I’ve never done that before,” Steve-O remarked after the stunt. “That was the first time I ever tried it.”

Sharing the clip on Instagram, he wrote: “This was the first ‘stunt’ I ever did for @jackass. It was an idea I’d been saving for the right moment, which worked out pretty well! #YeahDude.”

In response to the post, a fan wrote: “The 90s was wild lol no way this would fly now. Peta would be all over you now… I’m sure they were back then to[o] but no outlets like now for them to actually affect you guys.”

Another added: “I remember watching this for the first time… and I was throwing up watching him throw up.”

Steve-O is currently touring his “multimedia comedy show” titled The Bucket List, which he claims has been making people pass out due to its graphic material.


“I was shocked as anyone to learn that people were passing out at my Bucket List shows, but the more graphic videos I screen during the show have proven to consistently have that effect,” he wrote on Instagram.

“I’m headed back to Australia, then the UK next, please attend with caution! #StayInYourSeat.”

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