Stephen Sanchez Heads Back to 1964 With ‘Evangeline’ Live Performance Debut on ‘The Tonight Show’

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Troubadour Sanchez

The record builds itself around a sample from Bobby Goldboro’s 1968 single “Honey”

Singer and songwriter Stephen Sanchez has his sights set on out-doing Austin Butler as a time-traveling performer. But while Butler is perpetually stuck in Elvis mode, Sanchez is heading back to 1964 with his latest single, “Evangeline,” which he performed live for the first time on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Performing against the backdrop of tiered red curtains alongside a band in full formal tuxedos, Sanchez shifted into full troubadour mode. “Baby give it all/ I’d give it all just to make you mine/And if you need a minute/Honey, I’ll give you all my time, all the time,” the singer crooned into the microphone. “Do you need The Sandman? Or a phone call to Mr. Jones?”

“Evangeline” builds itself around a sample from Bobby Goldboro’s 1968 single “Honey,” with Sanchez committing to both the sound and appearance of the musical era.

“Once I heard that, I felt immediately inspired. The song came to life in 15 minutes,” the singer shared in a statement. “Sampling is not something I’ve ever done nor have I felt moved to pursue, but it was honestly a happy accident that day. Even the way I performed it was extremely new for me. This song really made music fun for me again. It’s opened a world and lore I’m excited to invite fans into.”


The single marks Sanchez’s first solo release since the arrival of his debut EP Easy on My Eyes, which featured his fifties-inspired breakthrough “Until I Found You.” The singer will embark on a 32-date North American tour this fall following an extensive stretch during the spring. More information can be found here.

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