Star Wars confirm that three new films are on the way and reveal directors

Star Wars have today (April 7) confirmed that three new films are in the works for the franchise, while also revealing the film’s directors.

The announcement was made at this year’s Star Wars Celebration in London by LucasFilm president Kathleen Kennedy.

The first film in the franchise will be directed by James Mangold, who has directed this year’s upcoming Indiana Jones film, Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny. This film will explore “the first Jedi to wield the force”, according to Kennedy (via Empire).


The second will be directed by The Mandalorian co-creator Dave Filoni. This film will tie into The Mandalorian universe and will be a “cinematic event” about the “escalating war between the Imperial remnant and the New Republic.” It will be set between Return Of The Jedi and The Force Awakens.

Star Wars
Daisy Ridley in ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’. Credit: YouTube/Disney

The final film will be helmed by Ms. Marvel director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and will move 15 years beyond The Rise Of Skywalker. This film will be set in an era described as the “New Jedi Order” and will see the return of Daisy Ridley as Rey.

Ridley also appeared at the convention to confirm her role in the project. She said: “I am so so thrilled to be at the celebrations with you all in London. Thank you Sharmeen for having me back, I’m very thrilled to be continuing this journey.”

Earlier this year, Ridley hinted that her character could return to the Star Wars franchise.

Speaking to IMDb at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival, Ridley was asked if she would return to the franchise – in response she said: “I mean, I’m open to a phone call – I am looking for employment.”


Despite wrapping up her role in the Star Wars universe with 2019’s The Rise of Skywalker, the British actor has been keeping her pulse on some of the movies’ spin-offs.

Asked by The Wrap if she’d watched the acclaimed series The Mandalorian, Ridley admitted: “I haven’t watched all of them, but it’s just because of timing and stuff like that. But yeah, I mean the work everyone’s doing is amazing/ I worked with Pedro Pascal and I was like, ‘This is really cool; he’s the Mandalorian.’ I still find it all very exciting.”

Ridley has also starred in three feature films since she wrapped up her work on Star Wars. She’s starred alongside Tom Holland in Chaos WalkingThe Bubble, and the forthcoming Sometimes I Think About Dying.

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