‘South Park’: how to watch the Andrew Tate episode in the UK

South Park takes aim at Andrew Tate in the show’s season 26 finale.

Tate, a former professional kickboxer who amassed millions of followers on social media through misogynistic content, is under arrest in Romania over allegations of human trafficking and forming an organised crime group. He has denied the allegations.

In South Park episode Spring Break, Tate is depicted as “toxic masculinity coach” character Alonzo Fineski who is revealed to be a wanted sex trafficker.


Tate responded to the depiction on Twitter, writing: “When I will be proven innocent, I look forward to help create the greatest South Park episode of all time.”

Where to watch the Andrew Tate episode of South Park

All episodes in season 26 are available in the UK on Paramount+, which can be streamed through Amazon Prime Video. A subscription to Paramount+ costs £6.99 a month.

Is there a trailer for the episode?

You can check out a clip of the episode above.

A synopsis reads: “Mr Garrison falls back into his political rallying habits while on vacation with Rick in South Carolina. Meanwhile, Randy tries to show Stan and Tolkien how to have a party when they decide to use their spring break time to play a game.”

Along with Tate, South Park’s latest season has mocked Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Kanye West.


In 2021, South Park was renewed to season 30 on Comedy Central. The deal also included 14 original films based on the show for Paramount+.

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