Sonic Frontiers Director Would Like To Make An Adventure-Style Game

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The Sonic the Hedgehog games have come in many forms over the years, from the momentum-based platforming of 2D Sonic to the boost and homing attack-fuelled mayhem of 3D Sonic. In two recent tweets, Sonic Frontiers director Morio Kishimoto indicated that he would like to revisit the formula of the Sonic Adventure series.

Responding to a tweet from a fan who asked about the boost gameplay of 3D Sonic games, Kishimoto stated that he debated whether or not to use boosts in Frontiers. He further stated that he is thinking of making a 3D Sonic game that doesn’t use boosts, and that he would like to make a game in the style of the Adventure series.

While it’s unclear how exactly this desire might (or might not) be reflected in the next few Sonic games, the series has tried several different approaches to 3D gameplay over the years. While each have achieved their own levels of success, Sonic Frontiers is one of the most acclaimed 3D Sonic games in many years, arguably since 2010’s Sonic Colors. The last game in the Adventure series, Sonic Adventure 2, came out in 2001, though fans often argue that the infamous Sonic 2006 is essentially an unofficial Sonic Adventure 3 that sunk the formula, forcing Sega to try something new with the next entry, Sonic Unleashed.

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