Snag 7 Highly Rated Steam Games For Only $20

Fanatical’s April Platinum Collection build-your-own bundle is now available. You can grab up to seven great PC games for just $20–or, if you don’t want to spend that much, there is a three-game option for $10, or a five-game bundle for $15.

The deal lets you pick from a list of 15 games to build your bundle. The deal’s featured title is Black Book, a deck-building rogue-lite RPG set in a dark fantasy world. If you’re looking for a breezier adventure, there’s Windbound, a third-person survival RPG where you explore a vast island.

There are several 2D platformers to pick from as well, like Alwa’s Legacy –a side-scrolling metroidvania where you play as a young hero with magic powers trapped in a fantasy world–and the pixel-art action-adventure title Super Alloy Ranger.

Plenty of medieval strategy games, 1-on-1 fighters, visual novels, and more are also available. You can check out all the games to pick from in the list below. The bundle also includes a 5%-off coupon code, and the five-game and seven-game tiers are eligible for the Fanatical Easter Eggstravaganza deal to add an extra free game code to your order.

There are plenty of other Fanatical deals happening right now, like this awesome deal that gets you 14 Star Wars games for just $21, or this discount on the Batman: Arkham Collection for just $7.79.

Fanatical Build Your Own Platinum Collection Bundle April 2023


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