‘Seinfeld’ Characters Get Miniaturized in New Fisher-Price Collector Set

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The “Seinfeld” foursome are back in Apartment 5A, but this time in miniature form.

Fisher-Price teamed up with Warner Bros. to release the Seinfeld Little People Collector’s Set, available to shop on Amazon and the Mattel website for $24.99.

The special-edition set features mini figures of the beloved sitcom characters in their signature outfits and props: Jerry in his classic white sneaks and mic in hand; George in a velvet leisure set while eating an éclair; Elaine in her ’90s curls, rocking a floral skirt.; and Kramer, looking zoned out as ever, eating a chicken wing he likely recovered from the trash outside.

Courtesy of Mattel

The display-worthy packaging, which is designed to look like Jerry’s Manhattan apartment, also packs in dozens of Easter eggs that only those familiar with the show will be able to recognize. Peep the handcrafted Fusilli Jerry sitting on the bookshelf, as well as the ridiculously large Urban Sombrero that proved to be a financial flop for Elaine when she put it on the cover of a catalogue for work.

Although “Seinfeld” aired its last season more than two decades ago in 1998, the franchise lives on. The collector’s set for adults is just the latest in a string of product releases catering toward “Seinfeld” fans — both an older generation that tuned into the show in real time and a younger cohort who has binged the series on Netflix. Another bestseller is this “Seinfeld” Apartment Lego Set, which features everything from a marble rye and a Festivus pole to a “Prognosis Negative” VHS tape.

Buy the Seinfeld Little People Collector’s Set below:

Courtesy of Amazon

Fisher-Price Little People Collector Seinfeld Special Edition Figure Set, 4 Characters in a Gift Package for Fans $24.99 Buy Now On Amazon

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