See Will Smith In First Look At Bad Boys 4

The first look at Bad Boys 4 shows Will Smith looking happy for the first time in over a year.

By Jessica Scott
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Will Smith hasn’t been having a great time lately. Ever since that infamous Oscars slap, he has had trouble getting work in Hollywood – but, more importantly, with restoring his reputation. He reportedly even asked Tom Cruise to help him out, only to get rejected by that old friend as well. Now, though, TMZ just shared a photo on Twitter that shows that he seems to be having a great time making Bad Boys 4, a new film in one of his most famous franchises.

According to TMZ’s write-up about the photo, it is unclear whether this is Will Smith smiling of his own accord or if it is just for the role he is playing in the movie. Either way, it does look genuine, and the Fresh Prince’s fans will be glad to see him looking happy again.

This is actually not the first movie Will Smith has worked on or promoted since the incident that got him banned from attending the Oscars for 10 years and resulted in the Academy having to add a “crisis team” to prevent and/or respond to other potentially harmful incidents at the yearly event. He is reportedly filming at least one other project (the title of which TMZ did not disclose) and returned to the public eye at the premiere of his film Emancipation (which was filmed before the Oscars debacle) last December, which he attended with all his family members.

Still, though, Will Smith hasn’t been shown much forgiveness by the public, with many former fans refusing to go see his new work because of his bad behavior. Commenters on the Twitter post shared by TMZ were quick to insult the actor and to say that he shouldn’t be given another chance to get back in the acting game, with only a few commenters saying that they still support him.

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Back in February, Will Smith and his co-star Martin Lawrence announced that Bad Boys 4 was in pre-production, so it seems like things are coming along smoothly so far. They didn’t give any hints about the plot of the film, but it has been announced that directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallal will be returning and that the screenplay was written by Chris Bremner, who co-wrote Bad Boys 3 (also known as Bad Boys for Life, a title that Smith and Lawrence joked that they should have saved for this fourth film).

Like in the previous three movies in the franchise, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence play Mike Lawrey and Marcus Burnett, respectively, who are “buddy cops” who team up to solve various drug-related crimes.

We can theorize that Bad Boys 4 will have a similar plot, as well as the same action and humor the film franchise is so well known for. The previous Bad Boys film was released in 2020, which was nearly 20 years after the release of Bad Boys 2

Bad Boys has always been a consistently decent film franchise, but it is unknown how Will Smith’s real-life bad boy reputation will affect its promotion and its reception. For now, though, he looks pretty happy to be working on it – or to be working at all.

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