See Vera Farmiga Singing One Of The Biggest Metal Songs Of The 2000s

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Vera Farmiga nails System of a Down’s hit song in a viral video.

By Phillip Moyer
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Actress Vera Farmiga is known for having some rather extreme roles throughout her career, such as playing the alcoholic mother Kate in the psychological horror Orphan and the demonologist Lorraine Warren in The Conjuring films. Even so, it comes as a bit of a surprise to see the Hawkeye actress screaming into a microphone while performing System of the Down’s “Toxicity.” Yet a video has begun gaining popularity on social media that shows her doing just that.

The video shows Vera Farmiga performing a cover of the 2001 heavy metal song at Rock Academy in Kingston, New York. She completely throws herself into the performance, committing herself to the powerful screams required to successfully perform the song. 

This is not the only heavy metal song sung by Vera Farmiga that has been making the rounds on the internet as of late. A video has also surfaced of her giving a similarly dedicated performance, “Duality” by Slipknot. It appears that both performances are from the same set at Rock Academy. 

Rock Academy, for those unfamiliar, is a long-running music school that offers training in all aspects of rock music, including vocals, percussion, songwriting, guitar, and more. Based on posts from Rock Academy’s Facebook page, it appears that Vera Farmiga was involved in the academy’s adult program, designed to teach people how to perform and allow them to perform onstage after ten rehearsals.

While Vera Farmiga has not previously been known to give heavy metal performances, her husband, Renn Hawkey, has a history with the genre. Hawkey was part of the industrial metal band Deadsy, playing the synthesizer for their first three albums and performing alongside them during their 2018 San Quentin State Prison show. However, Hawkey revealed earlier this year that he is no longer part of the band.

the conjuring 4
Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga in The Conjuring franchise

Despite not needing to learn how to rock out, Renn Hawkey appears to have been part of these recent Adult Program performances. A video shared on Vera Farmiga’s official Instagram account shows Hawkey playing the guitar and singing “The Killing Moon.”

An earlier video shared on Vera Farmiga’s Instagram shows her and Renn’s son, Fynn, killing the guitar solo for the Styx song Renegade. While this song was performed at the Woodstock Playhouse, Farminga’s comments indicate that Fynn is also participating in one of Rock Academy’s programs.

Of course, while Vera Farmiga has more than proven her ability to rock out with the best of them, her stellar acting career will remain what she is best known for. Besides her well-known horror roles, she has also appeared in the Martin Scorsese crime thriller The Departed, the Sopranos spinoff movie The Many Saints of Newark, and Elizabeth Lederer in the Netflix mini-series When They See Us.

It comes as no surprise that Vera Farmiga has plenty of other projects underway, including staring alongside Robert De Nero in the comedy Inappropriate Behavior, due to release this yearShe will also appear in the historical drama Caste, the biographical thriller The Leader, and the animated TV series Gossamer.

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