See The First Look At Tobin Bell Returning As Jigsaw For Saw 10

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A photo released on social media shows Tobin Bell on set for Saw 10.

By Phillip Moyer
| Published

Tobin Bell is returning in Saw 10 to play the iconic Jigsaw, and a new photo on Twitter gives us the first look at him reprising the role. We first heard of the award-winning actor’s return to the series in October. Now, we see him on-set for the latest iteration of the series, sitting on a park bench and speaking with a young child (played by the son of producer Mark Burg).

Tobin Bell’s appearance in Saw 10 is just the latest film in the actor’s 18-year connection with the series. In 2004, Bell played the game-obsessed killer in the original Saw, which was a massive box-office success for Lionsgate Films. From a $1.2 million production budget, the film grossed $103.9 million at the box office.

The road leading to Tobin Bell’s return to Saw 10 is one that had him playing Jigsaw many times. A new Saw film was released every year between 2004 and 2010, culminating in the franchise’s seventh movie, Saw 3D. Bell played the role of Jigsaw every time. 

While Saw 3D was successful, it showed a trend of diminishing box office returns. For the next seven years, Lionsgate focused on other franchises such as The Hunger Games, The Expendables, and John Wick. The studio didn’t return to the Saw Franchise until 2017, they released Jigsaw in theaters. Tobin Bell again returned to the role of Jigsaw — the last time he’d appear in the series before Saw 10.

The ninth film in the Saw franchise, Spiral, took a different approach to the story. Starring Chris Rock, the film did not feature Jigsaw at all. Rather, it followed police efforts to hunt down a copycat killer.

Released in 2021, the film was the lowest-grossing movie in the franchise’s history, leading up to Tobin Bell’s return in Saw 10.

While Jigsaw is Tobin Bell’s most iconic role, the actor has had a very diverse career leading up to Saw 10. With a career stretching back to an uncredited extra in the 1979 film Manhattan, Bell has 128 acting credits to his name, including the satirical romantic comedy Tootsie, the iconic mob movie Goodfellas, and the under-appreciated western The Quick and the Dead. He’s also played roles in a huge variety of TV series, including NYPD BlueThe FlashThe X-Files, The West Wing, and 24.

Tobin Bell has won four awards throughout his career, three of which are directly related to the role that he’s returning to in Saw 10. He received the 2009 Eyegore Award for Best Villain in a Film Series, the 2006 Chainsaw Award for Best Villain, and the 2010 Fangoria Horror Hall of Fame award. The only non-Saw-related award that Bell has won is a 2017 Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Special Guest Performer in a Drama Series for his role as Yo Ling in the soap opera Days of Our Lives.

Even while Tobin Bell is busy filming Saw 10, he has a total of 10 other productions in the works. He’s set to appear in the 2022 thriller Awaken, along with the upcoming movies GhostkillerLibertyMouth to MouthThe RogueGame of PowerCelloReBrokenThe Bunker, and The Curse of the Clown Motel.