See The First Look At Jeffrey Dean Morgan And Lauren Cohan In The Walking Dead Spin-Off

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohen return in the first tense teaser for Dead City.

By Jonathan Klotz
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The Walking Dead has finally shambled to a well-deserved finale, but spin-offs following fan-favorite characters are just starting to crawl out of the barn. The official Walking Dead YouTube Channel just shared a tense trailer for Dead City, the upcoming spin-off starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohen. After over a decade of stories set in Georgia with the main show, and California and Mexico on Fear the Walking Dead, the zombies take Manhattan.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan and Lauren Cohen’s Maggie, never the best of friends, find themselves on the island of Manhattan, cut off from the mainland. Briefly teased in the trailer are zombies in new situations, including one with a motorcycle helmet stuck on its head, which is a very simple and creative way to take away the option of a headshot. An underground cage match between a human and a zombie gives a glimpse into what the different factions on the island may find entertaining.

As The Walking Dead progressed, warring human factions became the main antagonists, proving the classic horror movie trope “Humans are the real monsters” to be correct. New York City presents an opportunity for new factions to join the franchise, though neither AMC nor the show’s stars have given any hint as to the plot of Dead City. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the longest surviving antagonist, might come across a leader just as bloodthirsty and ruthless as Season 7’s Negan.

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If any familiar survivors besides the two leads are wandering around Manhattan, the secret is being kept under wraps. Jeffrey Dean Morgan briefly teased that other survivors may make appearances by saying “I’m sad I don’t get the opportunity to work with [The Walking Dead] cast anymore….unless I do!” Lauren Cohen has remained tight lipped, not willing to tempt the ire of AMC executives.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, prior to The Walking Dead finale airing last week, has already been given a stern talking to by the network. The Supernatural star complained that by announcing Dead City prior to the finale, fans were spoiled on the fate of Negan and Maggie. Negan’s actor publicly questioned announcing that four of the main cast would survive the finale and star in spin-offs, which is completely understandable.

In addition to Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Dead City, Norman Reedus‘ fan favorite character Daryl is getting his own spin-off set in Europe. The Daryl spin-off was the first of the main show’s cast being confirmed to get their own shows having been announced back in 2020. The last of the main show spin-offs was announced at San Diego Comic-Con just earlier this year, following Rick Grimes and Michonne.

Andrew Lincoln and Danai Guirai, Okoye from the MCU, are returning in the unnamed series that will follow the romantic relationship between their two characters. Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohen’s Dead City will, from the three announced spin-offs, be distinctive thanks to the complicated relationship between the two main characters. None of the spin-offs have an announced release date at this time, though all three are expected to premiere in 2023.

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