See The Delta Flyer Back In Action For The First Time Since Star Trek: Voyager

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The Delta Flyer returned on the Star Trek: Lower Decks episode “Reflections” and we have high-res beauty shots of her in action.

By Josh Tyler
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The Delta Flyer was one of the best parts of Star Trek: Voyager. This week it returned to Star Trek to compete in a race for Rutherford’s mind on Star Trek: Lower Decks.

Originally designed by Tom Paris in order to compete in a space race, the ship was intended to be a pilot-friendly, hot-rod. More fighter craft than shuttlecraft, it was an entirely unique and original design which did things Starfleet ships almost never do. It’s the closest Star Trek has ever gotten to really using a fighter, and it does it in the most Starfleet way possible.

For comparison, here’s how the Delta Flyer looked on Star Trek: Voyager back in the 90s…

Delta Flyer live-action
Delta Flyer on Star Trek: Voyager

And here’s the Delta Flyer as it appeared on Lower Decks

Delta Flyer racing
Delta Flyer on Star Trek: Lower Decks

And here’s another look at the live-action Delta Flyer, this time in its hanger bay on Voyager…

delta flyer voyager
Delta Flyer on Star Trek: Voyager

And here’s the Lower Decks version in a hanger…

delta flyer lower decks
Delta Flyer on Star Trek: Lower Decks

Round of applause for Mike McMahan and the Star Trek: Lower Decks team, they nailed it.

It’s worth noting that the version of the Delta Flyer built by Rutherford is actually the second Delta Flyer. The original version was destroyed by the Borg. Later Tom Paris built a second Delta Flyer, this one with the pop-out exhaust ports Rutherford mentions having installed on his version.

Here’s a few more beauty shots from this week’s Lower Decks episode, titled “Reflections”…