See Star Trek’s New Enterprise F, Leading The Fleet To Certain Doom

The new Enterprise is already the old Enterprise when we meet her in Star Trek: Picard.

By Josh Tyler
| Published

We saw glimpses of it in the trailers, but in Star Trek: Picard season 3 episode 9 (titled “Vox”) we got long and lingering looks at the brand new Enterprise. She’s the Enterprise F and even though we just met NCC-1701-F she’s already done for.

NCC-1701-F on Star Trek: Picard

The Enterprise F is an Odyssey-class starship, a design first debuted in the non-canon game Star Trek: Online. The ship was originally created by Adam Ilhe, who won a contest held by the game looking for the best fan design.

In her Star Trek debut, the Enterprise F is introduced in stunning style when she emerges from Earths new Spacedock amidst fireworks to lead the fleet in exercises…

In Star Trek: Picard we’ve already learned the Enterprise F is being retired. The ship was damaged, in some unknown way which does not prevent it from flying but which makes it a bad idea to continue using it in heavy rotation as Starfleet‘s flagship.

Even if the Enterprise F wasn’t being retired, there’s a good chance it may not survive the final season of Star Trek: Picard. The ship, captained by Admiral Shelby (a character from Star Trek: The Next Generation’s “Best of Both Worlds” episodes)…

Shelby on Next Gen
Lieutenant Commander Shelby on Star Trek: The Next Generation

…was supposed be leading the fleet in what amounted to a parade. However, the villainous Borg have taken over the Enterprise F (and the entire fleet) and it looks like they’ve killed Admiral Shelby.

The Next Gen crew has just resurrected the Enterprise D and they’re on the way to save the day. Good chance we end up seeing the classic D facing off against her Enterprise F counterpart before all is said and one. Two Enterprises enter, one Enterprise leaves.

NCC-1701-D on her way to confront the Enterprise F

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