See Sofia Vergara In Super Tight Pants As She Dances For Pizza

By Britta DeVore
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On today’s edition of Celebrities: They’re Just Like Us, we’re swinging things back to one of our favorite leading ladies, Sofia Vergara. As relatable as ever, a recent Instagram post shared by the Modern Family actress shows her walking towards a pizza with a spring in her step. Celebrating the ending of one of her latest shoots, the video, which you can see above, reveals that Vergara likes to enjoy the finer things in life just like the rest of us.

Wearing skin-tight jeans and a shape-fitting blue top, Sofia Vergara struts her stuff towards the giant pizza box while walking on one of the highest pairs of stilettos that we’ve ever seen. Upon reaching her prize, the actress snatches up the pizza and turns around, caught in the act by the videographer. To answer the most important question of all – we can’t totally tell what’s on Vergara’s pie, but it appears she went the classic cheese and pepperoni route. 

Accompanying the celebration clip is the caption “It’s a wrap!!” marking the momentous occasion of the end of one of Sofia Vergara’s latest projects. A multi-hyphenated performer, it’s hard to say what the pizza party was saluting, as it could be anything from an on-screen venture to one of Vergara’s many modeling shoots. While she’s stepped back from scripted projects over the last several years, primarily appearing as a judge on America’s Got Talent, Vergara is gearing up to step back into the spotlight. 

sofia vergara machete kills
Sofia Vergara in Machete Kills.

Sofia Vergara is currently working on a crime drama thriller for Netflix titled Griselda in which she’ll play the titular mobster and drug trafficker. Perhaps the most notorious female boss of the drug trade, Griselda Blanco aka the Black Widow, was a femme fatale who moved massive amounts of cocaine while based in Colombia. Between the 1970s and the early 2000s, Blanco was known for being a ruthless queenpin, obsessed with money and not allowing her gender to keep her from making a fortune in the cocaine business. 

The Hot Pursuit actress taking on the dark character will be a major departure from her typical lighter roles. Along with starring in the miniseries, Sofia Vergara also serves as a producer alongside Eric Newman, with Andrés Baiz directing. The rest of the cast includes Alberto Guerra (Crime Diaries: The Candidate), Vanessa Ferlito (CSI: NY), Diego Trujillo (Metástasis), Alberto Ammann (Cell 211), Maximiliano Hernández (Avengers: Endgame), Christian Tappan, Paulina Davila, Gabriel Sloyer, Juliana Aidén Martinez, Martin Rodriguez, José Zúñiga, Julieth Restrepo, and Joe Fifera. 

So, when can we expect to see Sofia Vergara in what may be her most sinister role yet as the cutthroat Colombian drug boss? Production for the series began in January of this year, so there should be news any day now about when we’ll be seeing the scripted project land on Netflix. With Narcos and Narcos: Mexico showrunner Eric Newman attached, we’re certain that the show will be making all of us at home do a little happy dance as well. You can see Vergara’s model-like walk in the video at the top. 

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