See Netflix Teach You How To Build A Sex Room

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By James Brizuela
| 5 seconds ago

Netflix seems to be canceling shows plenty, they are also exploring new content in different ways. From doubling down on the true-crime content, to now getting into the more provocative adult business, things are certainly taking a different turn. The newest provocative series comes in form of a new adult unscripted show on Netflix called, How To Build a Sex Room. The aptly titled series is exactly what it sounds like. An interior designer by the name of Melanie Rose visits couples’ houses and teaches them how to “create stylish spaces where they can carry out any fantasy they wish.” You can see the trailer below:

The hilarious nature of the trailer starts off with the soothing sounds of some classical music, which then leads to Rose explaining her credentials in terms of being an interior designer. Then she reveals that someone had asked her about building a sex room, which she questioned, “Why not? why wouldn’t I go and design a sex room?” We supposed that is certainly the right kind of question to ask of an interior designer who has spent her career building houses for people. How To Build a Sex Room is quite a risque show for Netflix to be putting on, but then again, maybe this is the type of programming that needs to be explored to get the platform out of its slump.

How to Build a Sex Room on Netflix seems to be quite interesting, in that Melanie Rose is helping these couples that may have been dealing with some marital issues, as seems to be the ending of the trailer. One couple refers to her as their marriage “guardian angel.” Clearly, the show is meant to dive more into relationships than just being about putting together a sex room. Rose explains that fact as well, stating that rooms that are called “sex rooms” are immediately thought of as dirty or disgusting, but she aims to elevate the rooms to be a place of fantasy and exploration. There does seem to be some humor involved as Rose is messing with her general contractor, Mike, in the trailer. She even ties him to a bed.

How To Build a Sex Room is set to debut on Netflix soon, with this new design show making its way to the streaming platform on July 8th. Though this is not the kind of content that the streaming platform has dealt with yet, it might pay dividends. It’s not as though there hasn’t been adult content on the streamer, as previously mentioned, there is a ton of twisted true crime already present. But now subscribers can get more of the risque adult content that honestly should have been on the streamer long ago.

Netflix is set to release How To Build a Sex Room on July 8th, and the trailer looks interesting enough to warrant this show becoming in the top 10 when it drops. This could be the first adult-based show to hit the streaming platform, which might just open the door for more content in this manner to appear. We are not saying there is going to be pornographic material on the streamer, but more adult-centered shows like this one wouldn’t be too bad.