See Kids React To The Super Mario Movie

See Kids React To The Super Mario Movie

The fan reaction to The Super Mario Bros movie from children is intense.

By Phillip Moyer
| Published

You can tell by the 56 percent RottenTomatoes score that critics might not be big fans of The Super Mario Bros Movie, but with the film making an astounding $377 million worldwide since its release on April 5, it’s clear that the opinions of critics aren’t affecting the Chris Pratt film’s success. While adults who have loved Mario since the release of Donkey Kong in 1981 are part of the movie’s target demographic, the film’s fate ultimately relied on the opinions of kids. As you can see in the reaction videos below, kids have so far had nothing but positive opinions about the film.

Jaxon, the young boy who hosts the 115-subscriber YouTube channel “Jaxon’s Empire,” has nothing but high praise for The Super Mario Bros Movie. Eloquently calling it “The most greatest movie of all,” Jaxon showed that kids often like the same things as adults, since the first thing he mentioned was how he loved the song sung by Bowser (played magnificently by Jack Black). In fact… he mentioned Bowser’s song twice… and even attempted to sing it himself.

Jaxon also said that he liked how Mario never gave up, how Princess Peach “had courage to fight anyone,” and how the pair “have each other’s back.” He said kids should watch The Super Mario Bros Movie because it’s funny… and he thinks that’s the only reason they should see it.

The TikTok channel @martoedits showed him surprising his young son by bringing him The Super Mario Bros Movie — apparently the first movie he’ll have ever seen in the theater. Unlike other kids’ reaction videos, @martoedits got footage of his son leaning back in his seat, barely able to control his enthusiasm as he smiled with two missing front teeth. Afterward, he clapped and gave the movie a “ten owwa ten.”

Tyler, one of the few kids that displayed professionalism, despite his YouTube having only six subscribers, had a more nuanced reaction towards the film. He said that The Super Mario Bros Movie was “pretty good.” He praised the voices (which is surprising, considering the backlash that angry adult fans have had towards both Chris Pratt and Seth Rogen for their performances), and said he loved the quality of the film’s animation and music. 

However, Tyler proves that kids are still capable of criticizing a film, and he voiced his complaints “as a personal Mario fan.” He said that, although Yoshi showed up in the film, he was upset that Mario didn’t ride Yoshi — and instead the longtime dinosaur companion showed up for just “like, five seconds.” He also mentions that although one of the series’ star-shaped Lumas shows up in the film, he was disappointed that Mario didn’t go to space (like in the Super Mario Galaxy games) so that the Lumas more. 

The TikTokker @dannydorito23 brought his son to The Super Mario Bros Movie and asked him his opinion. Unlike Tyler’s professional demeanor, this kid reacted with an ear-screeching scream of “That was awesome!” simultaneously demonstrating how much kids love the movie and why so many people decide they never want to have kids.

The rest of the video involved Danny himself reviewing the movie, but we don’t care what he thinks. 

A Youtube Short from the channel CodyLeachYT had him put his three kids (two teenagers and one young girl) in front of the camera to record their reactions. The teens, who both looked embarrassed to be part of their dad’s video, gave short, vaguely positive reactions to the film. The young girl, however, beamed while enthusiastically exclaiming that she liked “The Mario and Luigi fighting the big man because he was fat,” — referring, of course, to Bowser… probably. 

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