See Joey King Nearly Naked At A Premiere

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By Nathan Kamal
| Published

Actress Joey King is poised to make the leap to the next tier of stardom with the film Bullet Train, and she is absolutely dressed to kill for the premiere of the David Leitch action movie. Beginning as a child actress, Joey King has gained increasing acclaim in recent years for her performance in Hulu’s The Act and The Princess, and the first season of the FX show Fargo. While she has appeared in many films so far, Joey King showed up at the premiere of Bullet Train with all the force of a gorgeous, newly emerging star and also by showing a whole lot of skin. Check it out:

Wow. There is a whole set of photos in this Instagram post from Joey King, so we will have to take a moment to break them down. The first is of the actress on the red carpet solo, looking absolutely jaw-dropping in a pure white Cong Tri suit. The jacket of the suit is open, but the most eye-popping thing is the lack of shirt beneath. Joey King is daringly posed with only a delicate silver necklace covering her. The jacket is also slashed to show skin around her midriff and her hips, and the skirt flows into a shower of delicate white and silver tassels. 

Joe King’s hair is flattened in an artful, 1990s wet look (credited to Dimitris Giannetos), with a single lock tucked below an ear. The actress has a penchant for elaborate, 1970s-inspired psychedelic eye makeup, and she does not disappoint here. Her eyes are lined with pale and silver wings (credited to Allan Avendaño), looking both mysterious and sexy. Joey King also lists her manicure as being done by stylist Thuy Nguyen, and she is wearing jewelry by Hirotaka, Shaun Leane, and Mara Paris. Her footwear (unfortunately not visible) is credited to Azalea Wang. 

We could stop there because frankly, we could not expect much more, but the following pictures in the set are too charming. The second picture shows Joey King with her fiance Steven Piet, their arms around each others’ waists and beaming at the camera; reportedly, the two met when Piet directed two episodes of The Act. He is also known for the indie movie Uncle John. The third picture in the set shows Joey King with her two sisters, Hunter and Kelli, all of them smiling with distinctly goofy and wide grins. 

From there, the pictures get increasingly adorable (though Joey King herself never stops looking anything but ravishing). One photo shows Joey King hugging her mother Jamie King at the premiere party, while another shows Bullet Train star (and apparent non-retiree) Brad Pitt flanked by various female family members of King. Of all the gifts a daughter could give, some close-up time with Brad Pitt has to be pretty up there.

The next photo shows Joey King back with her fiance, now dramatically posed in a mock-up of a Japanese railway newsstand (presumably installed for the Bullet Train premiere). The next photo has Joey King posing in a jokingly thoughtful position with co-star Brian Tyree Henry (himself decked out in a stylish striped suit). Finally, there is a shot of all of the principal actors of Bullet Train in classic red carpet poses. But we are probably just going to keep checking back on that incredible first photo.