See Jennifer Lopez In A Sexy Video Wearing A Zebra Stripe Bikini Top

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By David Harrison | Published

Jennifer Lopez is having a pretty big summer. For starters, she got married in Las Vegas which would be enough for just about anyone in terms of moments. But she’s also out there performing as well and the consummate entertainer really never seems to slow down even in the slightest. It’s one thing that’s kept her at the top of her game going on decades now. And from that perspective, it doesn’t look like the 53-year-old has any plans to tick down the pace. Far from it. In fact, things might only be ramping up. Recently, she took to Instagram to give a clip of a recent performance and it had the stunner up on stage in a big way. From the looks of the energy, the style, the outfit, and really everything else, Jennifer Lopez will be here for years to come, entertaining fans on the biggest stages. Check out what she posted on Instagram.

The Jennifer Lopez Instagram post had her paying giving thanks for a wonderful night spent out at the LuisaViaRoma event for UNICEF.which went down on Monday evening. It was a star-studded affair highlighted, in part, by the Jennifer Lopez performance. In her Instagram message, Lopez says (translated), “What a night!!! Thanks Capri !! I love you”. And there were plenty of folks who rang expressing the love right back. As of this writing, the Instagram post had almost 831,000 likes on the platform. That’s a huge number though for Jennifer Lopez is something she’s come to be used to.

It’s because Jennifer Lopez is one of the most-followed celebrities and accounts on Instagram right now. Her 219 million followers rank her 16th in the world, right behind Taylor Swift with 220 million. This kind of engagement and buy-in from a fanbase is nearly unprecedented and it’s easy to see why when a sexy video like this goes up there would be a massive number of folks ringing in their love and support. From an Instagram perspective, this is the whole goal. And Jennifer Lopez appears happy to keep the party rolling on in that way. Again, it’s why even when some other folks are counting the years until retirement, Jennifer Lopez is flinging herself around on stage like a woman half her age. It’s really remarkable.

Of course, as mentioned, Jennifer Lopez’s other big summer event was the surprise, somewhat shotgun, wedding to Ben Affleck that happened a couple of weeks ago. The pair had eschewed a big, celebrity, and paparazzi-filled event and instead took to the Las Vegas strip to get married in a chapel there. With some of their respective children in tow and few else, the couple said their vows and tied the knot. Apparently, they had wanted an Elvis impersonator to do the deed, but The King wasn’t available on the night they showed up. Regardless, the high-profile couple who recently reignited their past relationship, appears to now be in it for the long haul. In this way, it seems like Jennifer Lopez is just getting started.