See Cardi B Bursting Out Of A Pink Dress

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Cardi B appeared on The Jason Lee show in a small pink dress.

By Jonathan Klotz
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Rap superstar Cardi B is no stranger to sexy outfits, after all we’re only a few months removed from when she made the internet fall in love with Marge Simpson all over again. This time the award-winning singer posted a series of photos showing off her outfit for the Jason Lee Show, which just happens to be a very tight, very pink, and very short dress. During her appearance on the show, the actress opened up about one of her more controversial decisions in the past few years.

People Magazine discussed parts of the interview, starting with Cardi B’s decision to keep her number one song, “WAP” out of contention for a Grammy. According to the superstar, negative feedback on the internet terrified her so much, that she was afraid of winning one of the most prestigious awards in the music industry. Speaking to Jason Lee, she said “Because I didn’t want to submit ‘WAP’ because I was afraid that if I win or if I… You know what’s so crazy? The internet got me even afraid of winning. That is insane”

“WAP” was the biggest song of 2020, topping the Billboard charts and earning five nominations at the MTV Video Music Awards. A collaboration between Cardi B and Meghan Thee Stallion, “WAP” holds many, many records including an astonishing 93 million streams in its first week of release. While the song did attract negative opinions from some corners of the internet, on the whole, it was widely praised as a sex-positive song.

Though it didn’t win a Grammy, “WAP” went on to earn an American Music Award for Best Rap/Hip-Hop song, making history as the first repeat winner. Cardi B went to follow up the smash hit single with another one, “Up” from her next studio album. When “Up” debuted at number one with Rolling Stone, she became the second artist in history to have two songs debut at number one on the Rap-Hip/Hop chart.

marge simpson

The fashion icon has also made her mark on the clothing world, with an insistence that the price tag doesn’t matter if it looks good on her. This love for fast fashion is counterbalanced by Cardi B’s favorite footwear, Louboutin heels. The record-setting artist is always seen looking amazing, on the red carpet or on a YouTube show, she can’t help but be stunning wherever she goes.

Cardi B has even been on the big screen, sharing scenes with Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu in Hustlers, the 2019 stripper drama. On the small screen, the rapper served as a judge, alongside T.I. and Chance the Rapper, for Netflix’s Rhythm+Flow, the first music-competition original for the streaming service. Thanks to being a premium streaming show, rappers competing on Rhythm+Flow did not have to censor themselves.

Cardi B will next be appearing in Fast X, reprising her role as Leysa, a female merc that assisted Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto in Fast 9. Her own streaming web series, Cardi Tries, follows the rap superstar as she tries different activities, from snake wrangling to firefighting.

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