See A Ski Lift Out Of Control, Flinging People Into The Sky

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By Britta DeVore
| Published

The holiday season is a time for new films along with classic favorites to be enjoyed by the fireplace, oftentimes following a winter activity such as sled riding or snowboarding. But, those who venture out into the world of ski resorts should be a bit more careful this year (and maybe avoid watching this video altogether) as a ski lift in Gudauri, Georgia majorly malfunctioned and sent snow sports enthusiasts flying into the snow.

The original event occurred a few years ago, but a Twitter video, which you can see above, has been making its way around the internet, reminding those who dare bundle up and hit the slopes to be cautious while doing it. In the video, which was shot by someone at the scene, we see the very beginning of the madness as the ski lift carries passengers backward down the mountain – which is certainly not the direction it started in.

At first, it seems like a harmless mishap but quickly picks up speed with the first chair filled with skiers catapulted off the lift, their hands, legs, and equipment flailing in the air. From there, all hell breaks loose as the machine gathers even more speed, with the chairs quickly beginning to crash into one another after the turn at the bottom.

The next folks seen on camera being shot down the ski lift had the wherewithal to bail into the snow before facing the same fate as the group before them. Soon, more people can be seen jumping from their seats further up on the ski lift’s trail as they try to avoid smashing into the now-jammed chairs at the bottom. Unfortunately for one rider, they’re unable to get free, with their body tossed into the mangled mess of backed-up lift seats. 

For anyone who enjoys winter sports, the video is a traumatic one with the park visitors trying to save themselves and their loved ones from sustaining injuries at the bottom of the ski lift. As panic ensues, those who’ve made it off unscathed and others who’ve been at the bottom since the beginning of the madness rush to aid those making last-ditch efforts to bail off the chairs as well as passengers who aren’t so lucky and are flung from the out-of-control machine.

As one of the craziest things caught on tape, we hope that everyone walked away unscathed – ready to ski another day. The ski lift accident is just another reminder that being safe at entertainment and sporting venues is never promised. Just a few months ago, we reported on an amusement park accident in the Mohali district of Punjab, India.

In that incident, passengers were sent on the most terrifying ride of their lives after a spinning drop tower attraction lost control and, instead of carrying out a controlled drop, plummeted its riders to the ground. A major equipment malfunction, the accident thankfully didn’t take any lives but left several guests injured. 

The recent resurgence of the Georgian ski lift accident is a reminder to stay vigilant no matter where you are. Always be aware of your surroundings and try to help others in need.