RuPaul’s new Build-A-Bear sparks outrage among right-wingers: “Boycott the company!”

RuPaul‘s new Build-A-Bear toy has sparked outrage among right-wingers on social media.

Described as a “one-of-a-kind collector’s edition”, the new bear features a gold sequin dress and a RuPaul logo stamped on its paw.

As news of its announcement was reported by numerous publications, right-wing readers took to social media to express their anger, with many calling for a boycott of the toy company.


“It is time to burn your kids Build-A-Bear and boycott the company,” tweeted one person. “This WOKE company is trying to bring SATAN into your homes. In the name of JESUS CHRIST, retweet this. We need to get this out. Build-A-Bear has fallen to the feet of sickness.”

“This is not good,” another person wrote, alongside a crying emoji. “When my son was little, we went to Build-A-Bear many times… I sure wouldn’t go now.”

“Let children be children without being told what sexuality they should have,” another added.

You can find more reactions below.


Meanwhile, others defended the product, arguing that children wouldn’t necessarily notice the bear was in drag.

“What is wrong with this? Seriously. It’s a stuffed bear, dressed in an outfit. Kids are not going to care,” wrote one person. “Kids project their own imagination onto their toys, they’re not going to see this bear and go ‘oh, it’s a drag queen – I am totally trans now!’ Common sense people, use it.”

A description of the product on Build-A-Bear’s official website reads:”Start your engines – RuPaul Bear is ready to sashay into your collection… RuPaul Bear is ready for any Eleganza Extravaganza.

“‘Cover BEAR! Put the fur in your walk. Head to paw, let your whole body talk,” it continues. “She done already done had herses – and now you can have yourses with your very own RuPaul Bear!”

The bear can now be purchased for £49.00 via Build-A-Bear’s official website.

Earlier this year, Ariana Grande made a surprise appearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race, dressed as former Drag Race star Ornacia.

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