‘Rocket League’ teams up with rapper Cochise for another Neon Nights event

Rocket League developer Psyonix has announced that Neon Nights will be returning this month, featuring two limited-time modes and a slew of item collaborations with rapper Cochise.

Set to run from January 25 to February 7, Neon Nights will task players with completing challenges to earn Cochise-themed items, which include his tracks ‘TURN IT UP’ and ‘LONG WAY’ as player anthems, an Inspection decal, and Mr. Professor wheels.

Additionally, Cochise’s 2021 track ‘POCKET ROCKET’ will also be added to Rocket League‘s item shop as a player anthem, while the Cochise Antenna and The Inspector player title will be free to claim while the event runs.


This year’s Neon Nights event also brings back two limited-time game modes, Spike Rush and Speed Demon. While Spike Rush will be playable from January 25 until February 1, Demon Mode will run from February 1 until the event ends on February 7.

Rocket League. Credit: Psyonix.
Rocket League. Credit: Psyonix.

2023’s Neon Nights event is a follow-up to last year’s event of the same name, which saw Grimes collaborate with Rocket League to coincide with the launch of her track ‘Shinigami Eyes’.

Earlier in the month, Psyonix announced that it is “actively investigating solutions” to tackling AI cheats within the game. According to the developer, a “small number of players” have been using an AI bot called Nexto to optimise their Rocket League play, though the bot’s creator said it was “incredibly disheartening” to see its software used in this way.

“Nexto was exceptionally hard to make,” shared co-creator Aech. “It took an enormous engineering effort and a lot of community support to do, and it is not easily replicable. That being said, there is now clearly an incentive for bad actors to try making bots that are better than Nexto, so I think we have to assume something better will appear eventually.”

In other gaming news, Returnal’s PC release date has been revealed.

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