Robert Pattinson Told A Lie To Land Batman Role

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Robert Pattinson revealed he lied to Christopher Nolan about a family emergency to audition for Batman.

By James Brizuela
| Published

Robert Pattinson is arguably one of the biggest actors in Hollywood, and while he was filming the Christopher Nolan epic, Tenet, he had to come up with a lie to go audition for Batman. According to a script book about The Batman, Pattinson stated, “I said I had a family emergency. And as soon as I said it’s a “family emergency” he said: ‘You’re doing the Batman audition, aren’t you?’” We would assume that Nolan has been in the industry long enough to know when an actor is lying, especially with the rumors that had likely already been spreading about Pattinson being targeted for the role.

Things definitely worked out, as Robert Pattinson was fantastic in Tenet, and was also able to land the coveted role of Batman. Both Tenet and The Batman are spectacular films, and we would imagine that Nolan might not have taken any issue with Pattinson taking the time away to audition for his new role. Christopher Nolan was plenty of blockbuster films under his belt, and we would imagine that casting Pattinson was by design, so he would have likely not had any issue with the actor leaving to audition for another role.

Actors are busy people, and they often fill their schedules with shooting overlapping movies and shows. Robert Pattinson had only wanted to audition to become Batman, and it wasn’t like he would have had to start right in the middle of filming Tenet with Christopher Nolan. Also, Nolan might have been good with it considering that he made his own Batman trilogy, and he could have understood that Pattinson landing such a role was going to be a big deal.

It would have been a travesty if Robert Pattinson was not allowed to leave to audition for Batman, as he has brought an entirely new light to the character, which has in turn birthed its own trilogy. Christopher Nolan might have kept that from happening if he had not allowed Pattinson the time to audition, which would have or could have made him feel quite horrible if he stopped it. Plus, it’s not as if Matt Reeves was attempting to replicate what Nolan has done with The Caped Crusader.

It is interesting to think that Robert Pattinson leaving to audition for Batman was such a big deal that he thought to come up with a lie to tell Christopher Nolan so that he could leave. They are both professionals and should understand that other things are booked for actors while they film movies. It could also have just been because Pattinson respects Nolan so much that he didn’t want to disappoint him, which is understandable given how respected Nolan is as a filmmaker.

We wonder about the facial reaction that Robert Pattinson got from Christopher Nolan about attending the Batman audition and vice versa. For all we know, Nolan might have given him an approving smirk and laughed at Pattinson attempting to lie about the audition. Either way, things worked out for both parties concerned, but it is still quite interesting to hear about the kind of behind-the-scenes happenings that happen for such huge movies.