Rian Johnson Says The Last Jedi Changed How He Feels About Star Wars

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Rian Johnson says he “loves Star Wars even more” after making The Last Jedi.

By James Brizuela
| Published

Rian Johnson directed arguably one of the worst-rated Star Wars movies ever in The Last Jedi, leaving many to believe that he had a terrible time while creating one of the most divisive movies in the franchise. However, Johnson recently stated to the New Yorker that working on the franchise has made him have a much deeper appreciation for the movies. According to Johnson, “I think I love Star Wars even more now…I think what actually frustrates me is people’s perception that I had a negative experience somehow or people’s perception that it was somehow a traumatic experience or something.”

Rian Johnson was given the keys to the kingdom after directing The Last Jedi, as he was slated to continue his journey into the Star Wars universe with a brand-new trilogy. While the man has currently been busy with his Knives Out franchise, it is still stated that he will eventually return to the galaxy far, far, away. President of LucasFilm, Kathleen Kennedy, has also stated that she expects Johnson to return sooner rather than later.

If we are being honest, we completely understand what Rian Johnson was trying to accomplish with The Last Jedi, and though it was not as appreciated as the rest of the trilogy, it was certainly a movie that made an impact. Johnson had the painstaking process of following J.J. Abrams’s The Force Awakens, which was a triumphant return movie that was welcomed by all.

Rian Johnson also understands The Last Jedi is certainly a movie that everyone was not going to agree with, and being a Star Wars fan is something that comes with the territory of arguing, period. He added, “And Star Wars fans, in particular—growing up as one, arguing about other people’s opinions being wrong is sort of the bread and butter of it all.” He does have a point in that people have long been arguing about the franchise, and they will keep doing so.

Fan theories, better endings, and casting will always be the subject of many Star Wars arguments, and Rian Johnson has understood that many of those arguments surrounded The Last Jedi. Quite honestly, Johnson has one of the best attitudes when it comes to making a movie in the franchise, especially one that so many people disagree with. Still, we admire that Johnson is willing to admit that his movie was not for everyone and that his dedication has not wavered at all since making it.

Rian Johnson may have pushed a lot of people over the edge with The Last Jedi, but that is because the movie went against all the traditional ways in which we know the Star Wars universe to be. No one would have ever wanted to see Luke Skywalker toss his lightsaber over a cliff, but he sure did in The Last Jedi. It was moments like that which make Johnson’s movie far better than its predecessors, as he was willing to take chances to produce a much different Star Wars story.

We would say that Rian Johnson making The Last Jedi and growing into an even larger Star Wars fan means he would be even more meticulous about his potential trilogy. We could likely see the man take on one of the stories that fans have been wanting to see, making it one of the better trilogies. While people don’t agree with his direction, it is the fact that he was willing to take more chances than most, that could make him a better director the next time around.